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Brian Donlevy
Brian Donlevy
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February 09, 1901
April 05, 1972
Birth Name:
Waldo Brian Donlevy
Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 2 wins.
Position in rating:
Some Facts
In Birth of the Blues (1941) Donlevy's cornet playing was dubbed by 'Pokey' Carriere.
Although he is typically credited as having been with the Lafayette Escadrille, he was not. However he was a member of a group of young American men who went to France and received flight training there in WWI. As such, he was an honorary member of The Lafayette Flying Corps (also known as the Franco-American Flying Corps). The Corps was never officially a unit, it is a collective name for all American pilots -- including the Lafayette Escadrille pilots -- who flew for the French during World War I. The exact number of actual pilots who flew for the French is open to question and many different numbers exist depending on who is counting. The numbers range from as low as 180 to over 300. The most widely accepted number of men who were recognized as having successfully completed French flight training (received their "brevets") is 209. Of this 209, only 180 actually served at the Front in combat divided among 66 French pursuit escadrilles and 27 bomber/observer escadrilles.
Sassy-talking, rugged-looking, square-shouldered supporting actor said, however, always to have gone through this necessary morning ritual before arriving on the movie set: 1) insert dentures; 2) don hairpiece; 3) strap on corset; 4) lace up "elevator" shoes.
His character, Gil Warren, in In Old Chicago (1937) died as a result of the Chicago fire. His character, Steely Edwards, in 'The Great Man's Lady (1942) died in the San Francisco fire.
He was William Holden's best man at his 1941 wedding to Brenda Marshall.
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Born in 1901
Brian Donlevy
Brian Donlevy
February 09, 1901
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