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Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
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5 wins & 17 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-10-07
Filming Locations: 1329 Carroll Avenue, Central Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
Did you know?
Throughout the series, the Sisters continually lose and gain powers, swap and share powers with demons and experience short periods of newfound powers. The season 1 episode "Love Hurts" is unique, as it is the only episode in the series where any of the sisters exchange powers amongst each other.
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Jennifer Rhodes who plays Penny Halliwell (grams) has appeared in every season of charmed for at least 1 episode.
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The actress with the most Charmed Fan Mail is actually not one of the main stars of the show. Actress Finola Hughes who plays Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige's mother receives the most fan mail from Charmed series viewers.
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In many episodes, when the front door of the manor is opened in an exterior shot there is clearly a solid wall behind it, however in the sets there is a long corridor behind the door.
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in several cases throughout the series the view seen through the attic window is inconsistent with the houses location (possibly the studio grounds).
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Throughout the series, stock aerial footage of San Francisco is used. The footage often contains the Embarcadero Freeway (I-480/CA-480) a structure that used to run along the San Francisco Bay north of the Bay Bridge. The structure was removed in 1991, a full seven years before the series started.
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Phoebe: Piper.
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Paige: Well, I was sort of messing around with Dave...
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Phoebe: [Prue telekinetically shuts the door on Phoebe] Hey! We've had this discussion. You're not allowed to use your active power on me, until I have an active power to use on you.
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Everything you need to know about Charmed
What episode did Prue die & how?Prue died in the third season finale "All Hell Breaks Loose" (3.22). Originally, at the start of the episode, Piper died and her sisters attempted to go back in time and stop it. With the help of The Source of All Evil, they did. But it ended up with Prue being killed by Shax instead so, either way, someone had to die. It was revealed in "Charmed Again Part 1" (4.1) that Leo had to choose to either heal Prue or his wife Piper, he chose Piper.You never actually see Leo trying to heal Piper and Prue, and never see Prue actually die.Was the show cancelled or ended?This is one of the biggest questions fans have, because there is a big difference between canceling and ending a show. The WB/UPN merger did, in one way, "cancel" the show as Charmed wasn't picked up by the new network, unlike other WB shows like Smallville and 7th Heaven. But the Charmed cast (most notably Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano) have protested that they were all leaving the show anyway, since their contracts with the network had ended, and they had no interest in renewing them, especially since they had other projects they were eager to sign on to. So, in one respect, Charmed was "cancelled" as it was not placed on the CW schedule, but, according to the cast, the show ended on its own terms.Why is Phoebe always made to dress up in wacky outfits?Since Alyssa Milano was frequently seen as "the sexy one" in the media, many episodes called for her to be put in a revealing outfit. These include her appearance as a mermaid in "A Witch's Tail Part 2" (5.2), a mummy girl who performs an erotic dance in "Y tu Mummy Tambien" (5.10), a lap dancer in "The Importance of Being Phoebe" (5.11), and a genie in "I Dream of Phoebe" (6.14). Milano has spoken in interviews that she hated dressing up in these outfits, along with Rose McGowan, who had to similarly endure an excessively revealing outfit in the episode "Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun" (5.19). Before the start of season eight, Milano, McGowan and Combs went to executive producer Brad Kern and demanded that they would no longer be forced to wear the wacky outfits they're so frequently put in. Because of this, those story scenarios transferred to Kaley Cuoco's character Billie, who was notably turned into a superhero in a revealing outfit in the episode "Battle of the Hexes" (8.8).Why does Paige have a different surname to Piper, Phoebe and Prue?Paige was brought up by different parents than Prue, Phoebe and Piper as she is their half-sister. They have the same birth mother, who wanted to keep Paige a secret because she was the result of an affair she had with her whitelighter, Sam. The only thing that Patty requested was that her daughter's name begin with a 'P'.Why was Shannen Doherty "replaced" by Rose McGowan?Nobody knows for certain what led to Doherty's departure, but rumors exist which hint at on-set feuds with both co-star Alyssa Milano and executive producer Brad Kern. What is certain is that Doherty was fired over the phone whilst she was in Canada filming the USA Network film "Another Day". This was confirmed by Holly Marie Combs in a TV Guide interview shortly after Doherty's exit. Doherty later went on to say that she could not handle the "drama" on set, and as a 30-year-old woman (at the time), she had no interest in petty arguments and working with people who didn't want to be there on set. She never revealed who exactly she was talking about. Since The WB did not want to cancel the show, they asked executive producer Brad Kern to bring another actress to replace her, bringing us Rose McGowan for the last five seasons.Why did Shannen never re-appear on the show?When Shannen first departed the series, she hinted that a return appearance wouldn't be out of the question. During the final season, Brad Kern revealed that he had not contacted Shannen about a return appearance, and usually diverted the question whenever asked about it. He did blame the show's budget on stopping a return appearance, but the authenticity of that comment has been questioned by many fans.Shannen was contacted at some point around season 5 about possibly using archive footage of her and creating merchandise around her character. She declined on all accounts.A picture of Prue was not used in the finale because it would - according to Kern - cost $8000 and one of the returning cast members would have had to be cut.When was Prue/Shannen's last appearance on Charmed?The last time we see Prue is in All Hell Breaks Loose. She does not appear in any episodes after this, much to the disappointment of many fans.In the episode 5.18 "Cat House", Phoebe and Paige start to see Piper memorie's about her life with Leo, during the episode Pheobe and Paige travel to old episodes of charmed, were Prue is mentioned and present but in any of that scenes Shannen is showed front face, she is showed as a dog from the episode 3.21 Look Who's Barking, and she is showed in Piper's wedding (3.15 Just Harried) but the shot is from her back as she goes away with a guy in a motorcycle. That was the last time she appeared in the show but just from old footage not as a guest star. Here are the photos of the episode 5.18 Cat House was Cole/Julian's last appearance?Cole dies in the fifth season of Charmed, in the episode Centennial Charmed (the 100th episode of Charmed). However, this is not the last time we see Cole! Julian agreed to come back for the 150th episode of Charmed, which is The Seven Year Witch (season 7). Cole is not alive again, however, and is in limbo.What does Shannen think about Rose?Shortly after Rose's placement on the series was announced, Shannen said in an interview that she wished Rose the best of luck with the series, and thought of her as "a great girl and a talented actress". Both Shannen and Rose knew each other from working on the 1997 indie film "Nowhere", where they shared a scene together playing "Valley Chick"'s.Do Shannen and Alyssa still talk?The last time Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano officially spoke was on the set of Charmed. However, in 2002, Alyssa and Shannen attended the 4th Annual Motorola Holiday Party benefiting Toys for Tots at The Lot on December 5, 2002 in West Hollywood, California. It must be noted that they did not arrive together, and did not converse.Who is Melinda Warren?Played by Tyler Laton, Melinda Warren was the person who created the Charmed prophecy. She was born on October 31, 1670 outside of a rural village in the Colony and Dominion of Virginia; the daughter of Charlotte.She later moved to Salem, Massachusetts and bore a daughter; Prudence. Betrayed by her lover, the warlock Matthew Tate, she was burned at the stake in the Salem witch trials of 1692. Matthew's power was to copy any power used against him and having already tricked Melinda into letting him copy all of hers, he betrayed her.Before her death, Melinda enacted her revenge on Matthew by cursing him to spend eternity trapped within a locket he had given to her as a gift, but not before somehow wiping out Matthew's copies of her powers. Only Melinda herself or a witch of blood kin could set Matthew free. On the day of her death, Melinda foretold the prophecy of the Charmed Ones.Melinda has the original powers of Prue, Piper and Phoebe: telekinesis, premonitions, and temporal stasis.What is The Book of Shadows?This is where the sisters keep all their information on magical beings, such as demons. It includes vanquishing potions and spells. It was started by Melinda Warren. It has a triquetra on the front of the cover and can protect itself from demons and other evil.Will they have a special reunion?According to Brad Kern, "nothing is impossible". But the validity of that claim is questionable. Holly Marie Combs has stated that she would love to return for a reunion, but both Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan have shown resistance to return, as both are eager to move on to new movie and TV projects. A big-screen movie is unlikely. Since the WB network is no longer active, a TV movie is also questionable. To follow up on this, when CW head of programming Dawn Ostroff was asked about a possible "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV movie based around the Spike character, she replied "We typically don't do movies-of-the-week". Whilst this specific question applied to a different show, it hints that it is probably unlikely a Charmed TV movie would ever be made.Will there be a spin-off series?Out of all the Charmed follow-up scenarios, a spin-off is the least likely. Billie Jenkins was originally brought on to the series in hopes of sending her off to her own series, but both extremely negative fan reaction to the character and actress Kaley Cuoco's eagerness to return to sitcoms quickly made this project dead in the water. A fan campaign exists in the hopes of promoting a spin-off devoted to brothers Wyatt and Chris, but as the CW already has a series centered on two brothers who fight monsters and demons (in "Supernatural"), this is also unlikely to ever materialize.Why are the credits always changing?The first 6 episodes had the order of Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, TW King, Dorian Gregory & Alyssa Milano. After the first 6 episodes, the Charmed Ones are always billed first followed by long-term supporting characters, followed by season-term supporting characters. Also Charmed never puts actors who are not in the following episode in the credits, 2.02 Morality Bites was the only episode to only have the 3 Charmed Ones as main actors. The actors were billed by who was the biggest star of the show, according to Brad Kern in issue 17 of Charmed magazine. He says that Shannen was the biggest star, and so was billed first, followed by Alyssa Milano.In season 4, Holly was billed as 'Holly Marie Combs as 'Piper'. This was due to a contract agreement that 'Holly's people' had with Charmed. When Shannen left, the show no longer had a main star, and so they insisted that since Holly was billed third, that they add something a little extra to make it special. Also, Julian McMahon was billed second in the supporting cast, as opposed to third which he had been in season 3, because his character was more important in the season. Dorian Gregory was billed last from then on.Why weren't Dorian Gregory or Brian Krause in the majority of Season 8?Due to budget cuts, Gregory was axed from the series for good. His paycheck was transferred to Kaley Cuoco, who came on board as teen witch Billie Jenkins. Krause's episode order was also cut, appearing in only the first ten episodes of the season. Executive producer Brad Kern eventually pulled the budget together for him to appear in the final two episodes of the season. Budget cuts also led to special effects being reduced, and several of the sister's powers being either cut down on or, in some cases, written out completely. If you notice, Piper's freezing power was barely used in the last two seasons, whilst Phoebe had her powers taken away in late season six, to accomodate the budget.Why did Cole die/Julian McMahon leave?Julian left the show because he wanted to move on to future projects, namely the hit FX drama "Nip/Tuck". He has undoubtedly had the best post-show career of all Charmed cast members, appearing in two "Fantastic Four" movies, as well as the box office hit "Premonition" alongside Sandra Bullock.Why was Chris introduced to the series?Chris was introduced as a shady new whitelighter for the sisters after Leo became an elder. In the first half of Season 6, little was known about Chris except that he was hiding a secret and he had a point of coming from the future. It was finally revealed that he was Piper & Leo's unborn son trying to stop his older brother Wyatt from becoming evil in the future. Chris' mission was a success but adult Chris died in the season finale. It was revealed in later episodes future Wyatt & Chris are now good & battling demons together.Who has the Book of Shadows now the show has ended?Holly Marie Combs and executive producer Brad Kern both wanted to take home The Book of Shadows, and Kern ended up with it.What were the average ratings?The first 2 episodes of Season 1 pulled in a Charmed high of over 7 million viewers, the rest of Season 1 averaged between 5-6 million viewers. Charmed's viewers steadily reduced throughout the show's 8 years. While the first three seasons stayed within the same range of viewers, the second half of Season 4 introduced an "Up & Down Period" for Charmed's ratings where the ratings rating between 2 million & 7 million. It averaged around 3 million in the latter half of Season 4, rising to around 5 million for the most-part of Season 5. Season 6 started off strong ending on a low note. But in Season 7 & 8 Charmed only averaged around 3 million viewers pulling in a Season 8 high of 4.49 for the Series Finale.What is the theme song?The theme song is How Soon is Now by Love Spit Love, a cover of The Smiths. The song also appeared in '90s film The Craft which is also about witchcraft & wicca.How many times have each of the sisters been married?Prue was the first to get married, though this was not of her own free will. She was tricked into marrying Zile, a shapeshifting demon. The reasoning behind the wedding was so that Zile could change the Book of Shadows to be evil, and so he could steal it.Piper has only been married to Leo, though it took them a few goes to get there. The wedding was actually a handfasting, and was presided over by Grams.Phoebe has been married the most times - to Cole in a dark ceremony, to Dex under a spell that Billie cast on her and to Coop (just a normal wedding!)Paige has been married just once to Henry.Why did Phoebe lose her powers?In episode 6.19 Crimes and Witch Deameanors, Paige & Phoebe are caught using their powers on tape & the 'Cleaners' decide to clean it up by making it appear that Darryl murdered someone when really the sisters vanquished a demon. Darryl was given death-penalty for this & the sisters had to find a way to change it so Darryl won't die. The sisters finally manage to get a trial to find an alternative to Darryl dying, they meet with elders, demons & Barbas (the Demon of Fear) to sort out a suitable punishment for the sisters for exposing their magic, in the end they decide to strip Phoebe of her powers. Phoebe earns back the power of Premonition in episode 7.05 Styx Feet Under but it is never revealed if Phoebe ever earned her powers of Levitation & Empathy back although she appears to use empathy in the season 7 episode "Witchness Protection" where we hear the sound of her empathy power and she says she can't get a read off someone.What are demons?The demons in the Charmed universe are evil beings with powerful magical abilities such as shimmering, fireballs, and energy balls. Their primary residence is the Underworld, where their leader The Source of All Evil commands them directly, or gives upper-level demons commands to carry out themselves, or to give to lower-level demons. A demon's primary objective is normally one of three things: killing a mortal -"innocents" as labeled by the Charmed Ones who are also supposed to save them-, killing the Charmed Ones, or stealing the powerful Book of Shadows. Demons have human forms used as disguises in the human world, but also have demonic forms. Some humans can become demons if they sacrifice their souls, as depicted in the season three episode "Wrestling with Demons" in which a demon named Kellman ran a demonic training academy that was teaching Prue's former boyfriend. However, just as humans can be trained to lose their humanity, demons can also be turned, especially if they stay in an environment of white magic as in the case of Cole Turner. Another demon, Drake, spent his childhood reading books, learning of human culture, becoming kind hearted and wishing to become human. Many demonic names come from religions, such as Baliel, Barbas, Dantalion and Asmodeus. Demons are vanquished with spells, potions, mortal wounds, or by powerful magical abilities, and their remnants go to the Demonic Wasteland.What are warlocks?Warlocks are evil witches in the Charmed mythology, that can be either male or female, but are regarded second-grade citizens in the Underworld. A warlock's main goal is to kill a good witch and steal his or her powers. They were the show's primary antagonists for the first half of season one until demons were introduced in the second half. No warlocks have become the Source as the next Source is chosen either by blood line, magic or demonic battles. However, there have been mutinies led by powerful warlocks, such as Devlin in the season four episode "Muse to My Ears" and Bacarra in season five but they have all failed. Their main power is blinking, a quick form of teleportation, and they use daggers called athames. They can also perform spells, but they are usually in latin.What are whitelighters and darklighters?Whitelighters are "guardian angels". They watch over their charges and intervene when necessary to help them along their path and keep them safe; they can also be called by their charges. They can constantly hear the lives of their charges in their heads, and if one of them calls their Whitelighter's name, he/she can usually show up at a moment's notice. Whitelighters are people who were previously somehow connected to the magical world or who were generally good people that have died. They are given the choice to become Whitelighters and given the powers of a Whitelighter (such as orbing, healing, immortality, etc.) instead of moving on to the afterlife. Their bodies are replicas of their former human bodies, but are composed of orbs which are described as white lights (hence the term Whitelighter) that have a healing sense to them. If struck by a power that would usually kill a mortal (for example, an energy ball or particle acceleration), their bodies will explode into orbs then reform relatively unharmed; they can, however, be knocked unconscious. After becoming a Whitelighter, the person's DNA will have three helices like that of witches and demons, not just two like normal humans.Darklighters can teleport from place to place by orbing, as Whitelighters can, but their orb effects are black in color. Their ability is once called black orbing. They also come equipped with crossbows, which they can summon into their hands at any time. The Darklighter crossbow arrows are coated with a special type of poison that is especially lethal to Whitelighters. Some Darklighters also possess the touch of death, a power triggered by hate and focused through their hands - in contrast to a Whitelighter's ability to heal others. Similar to Whitelighters, Darklighters also possess the ability to sense another magical being's presence through a magical form of telepathy. Hence they can locate a Whitelighter anywhere on the globe by merely concentrating. Dark lighters also frequently target future whitelighters and try to kill them before they can do all the good they must do to become a whitelighter.How old are the girls?Prue was born on October 28 1970 meaning she was 30 at her death in Season 3. Piper was born on August 7 1973 meaning she was 32 during the series finale. Phoebe was born on November 2 1975, therefore she was 30 during the series finale & Paige who was born on August 2 1977 was 28 in the series finale, the series finale was Season 8 episode Forever Charmed.When will Season 8 be released on DVD?The Region 1 (USA) version will be released on September 11, 2007. It has been released in almost every other region in the world so far.Why do the DVD box sets not have any special features?Special features were an issue, with the Charmed producers wanting them, but production company Paramount resistant. Eventually the producers caved in to their request, but Paramount allowed the DVDs to contain special features for the final season DVD.What are the lyrics to "How Soon Is Now?""I am the son, and the heir. I am human, and I need to be loved, Just like everybody else does. See I've already waited too long, And all my hope is gone." These are the theme lyrics from the group "Love Spit Love," who covered the song by "The Smiths." The full lyrics can be found online or at a store such as Hastings.I noticed the girls have tattoos, is there a way I can see all their tattoos?Sure there is.Phoebe ~[1[Alyssa Milano]0] Piper ~[1[Holly Marie Combs]0] Paige ~[1[Rose Mcgowan]0] of the sisters have children?In season 1-8, Piper has two sons-Wyatt ~[1[named after Leo's last name]1] and Chris ~[1[named after Leo's father]0] . However, in the very last episode you learn that in the future, Piper gives birth to another girl, and Phoebe and Paige give birth to three children each. Paige has one boy and two girls, and Phoebe has three girls.Which powers do each sisters have?Prue Halliwell: Telekinesis and Astral projectionPiper Halliwell: Temporal stasis (freezing) and Molecular combustionPhoebe Halliwell: Premonitions, Levitation and EmpathyPaige Matthews: Orbing, Telekinetic Orbing, Glamouring and HealingWho plays my fave character on Charmed?Find out who plays who here: can I watch the Unaired Pilot featuring Lori Rom as Phoebe? has the unaired pilot in different parts.Is there going to be a Season 9?No, Charmed ended in May 2006. Although many Charmed fansites have their own virtual Season 9.An official Season 9 happens in comic book form, published by Zenescope Entertainment in 2010. A Season 10 is due to start in Autumn 2014.Where can I see Charmed pictures?The site has pictures from seasons 1-8 of Charmed, from every single episode and every single scene.Where can I see the spells used in Charmed? is Billie?Billie is a new witch who came in at the beginning of the eighth season. The WB insisted that new characters be brought in for the final season and Billie was introduced as a wiz-kid who was Paige's charge. She takes a secondary role for the first few episodes until she finds out that her sister was kidnapped by a demon and then tries to find her, which is the story for some of the season. There were hopes of starting up a spin-off of the character, but it is thought that as the character of Billie was not taken to, it did not happen.What happened to every character in the end?SPOILERS - SPOILERS - SPOILERS:After Billie discovered her sister was using her to kill the Charmed Ones, she ended up helping the Charmed Ones defeat Christy at the end of the ultimate battle, providing a happy ending. Then at the very last scene of the series finale (8.22 Forever Charmed), we flickered through each characters future.Piper: Had one more child. A girl named Melinda, lived happily with husband Leo & opened up restaurant she always wanted. We then saw her many years later, with Leo & many magical grandkids running through the manor. Her sons, Wyatt & Chris, grew up good beings & had kids of their own. Leo went back to teaching at Magic School & it has been confirmed that her grandchild that closed the door at the end of the episode was named Prudence (Prue).Phoebe: Settled down & married cupid Coop. Had 3 girls, one was confirmed as being called Prudence (Prue). Phoebe went on to write a best-selling novel while still remaining a journalist. Only sister to have 3 girls as foreseen by Melinda Warren in Season 1 episode The Witch is Back. We see Billie babysitting her children, meaning the sisters are still friends with Billie.Paige: Stayed with husband Henry, had a boy & 2 girls, boy was called Henry Jr. Was the only Halliwell sister to continue fighting demons. Henry remained a parole officer & Paige went back to teaching at Magic School.
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