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Kingsman: The Secret Service

129 min
Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime
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Matthew Vaughn
Country: UK
Release Date: 2015-02-13
Filming Locations: London, England, UK
Budget: $81,000,000
Opening Weekend: $42,000,000 (USA) (15 February 2015)
Gross: $67,926,972 (USA) (22 February 2015)
Taron Egerton
Taron Egerton
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Adrian Quinton
Colin Firth
Harry Hart
Mark Strong
Jonno Davies
Jack Davenport
Alex Nikolov
Little Eggsy
Samantha Womack
Michelle Unwin
Mark Hamill
Professor Arnold
Velibor Topic
Big Goon
Sofia Boutella
Samuel L. Jackson
Michael Caine
Geoff Bell
Jordan Long
Leon Symnz
Church Congregation (Special Action)
Theo Barklem-Biggs
Tobi Bakare
Morgan Watkins
Paul Kennington
Ralph Ineson
Nicholas Banks
Jack Cutmore-Scott
Nicholas Agnew
Rowan Polonski
Tom Prior
Fiona Hampton
Bjørn Floberg
Scandinavian Prime Minister
Richard Brake
The Interrogator
Andrew Bridgmont
Kingsman Tailor
Corey Johnson
Church Leader
Anne Wittman
Church Blonde Woman
Andrei Lenart
Arctic Guard
Simon Green
Valentine's Butler
Sarah Hewson
Sky News Reader
Jayne Secker
Sky News Reader
Lukwesa Burak
Sky News Reader
James Clayton
Kingsman Knight
Nick English
Kingsman Knight
Charles Filmer
Kingsman Knight
Bimbo Hart
Kingsman Knight
Chester King
Kingsman Knight
Alastair MacIntosh
Kingsman Knight
Carlos Peres
Kingsman Knight
Danielle Kirsty Allan
New Elite Beautiful Lady
Graham Bell
Kingsman Butler
Tom Bell
Doorman at Megan's
Francesca Bennett
Alexander Bracq
Chelsea Club Party Guest
Jay E Brown
Henchman Army
Jamie Ben Chambers
Dean Chapman
Private Military / Rapier Team
Daniel Chapple
Business Elite
Alan Chimes
Private Soldier
Victoria Coker
Moroccan Politician
Graham Curry
Police Officer
Leigh Dent
Benjamin Dilloway
Stefanie Harris
Murderous Girl
Jay Heath
Elite Force Member
John Hiorns
Leigh Holland
Private Soldier
Maria Ivanova
Younger Russian Child
Rajesh Kalhan
Sim Card Buyer
Joe Kennard
Church Congregation (Special Action)
Rodion Kilinc
Russian child
Jefferson King
Gertie Lowe
New Elite
Shawn Majeski
Church Goer
Stuart Matthews
Party Guest
Simon McAdam
Ascot Official
Matthew David McCarthy
Church Leader Body Double & Church Congregation
Stephen McDade
Church Parishoner
Emeson Nwolie
African Diplomat
Richard Ochampaugh
Church Goer
Marianna Panunzio
Girl On Estate
Oliver Price
Valentines Private Army
Milan Pulvermacher
Man On Lounger
James Michael Rankin
Church goer (Special Action)
Steve Saunders
U.S. Congregation / Newsagent Queue
Kim Sheard
Richard Stanley
Lucia Walker
Naomi Westerman
Murderous Girl
Ryan Young
Club DJ
Miroslav Zaruba
Valentines Private Army
Tatiana Zarubova
VIP Guest
Adil Akram
Secret Agent (uncredited)
David Olawale Ayinde
Rwandan Rebel (uncredited)
Mark Baxter
Private Soldier (uncredited)
Paulina Boneva
Shop Customer (uncredited)
Jaymes Butler
Dean's Gang member #2 (uncredited)
Dean's Gang Member #3 (uncredited)
Erica Emm
Britney (uncredited)
David Few-Cooper
Church Goer (uncredited)
Yolandi Franken
Programmed Spectator (uncredited)
Alexander Gillison
Rockstar (uncredited)
Claire Greasley
Shop Customer (uncredited)
Lee Nicholas Harris
Fireman (uncredited)
Matt Hookings
Young Arthur (uncredited)
Laura Hydari
Reporter (uncredited)
Matthew William Jones
Barnaby (uncredited)
Jorge Leon Martinez
Private Soldier (uncredited)
Allistair McNab
Church Congregation (Special Action) (uncredited)
Diezel Ramos
Private Soldier (uncredited)
Hector Reyes
Extra (uncredited)
Kelly Schembri
Red Carpet Celebrity (uncredited)
Clem So
Fashionista (uncredited)
Daniel Westwood
Artic Commando (uncredited)
Did you know?
In the film Mark Hamill plays Professor Arnold, who is one of the central figures who joins Valentine in his quest to purge humanity and join him in his new world. In the graphic novel from which the film is based, the villain is only kidnapping celebrities to join him in his new world. Mark Hamill happened to be one of the celebrities being kidnapped by the villain.
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The code-name of Harry Hart (Colin Firth) was "Galahad".
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The film's art and set direction was inspired and influenced by long-time James Bond franchise art director and production designer Ken Adam. Given the film's Bondian influences, Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) production designer Paul Kirby embraced the opportunity to give a nod to famed production designer Ken Adam, who worked on many of the early James Bond films. Kirby has said: "We made something with its own sensibility but there are one or two subtle nods to acknowledge Ken's body of work. There's not a designer in the world that isn't a fan of his". Kirby has worked on three James Bond films himself, and all Pierce Brosnan Bond films, they being GoldenEye (1995), Die Another Day (2002) and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).
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In the first test, most of the recruits save themselves by rigging a snorkel through the toilets. While this might work if they were trying to avoid being gassed, a toilet flushes when the amount of water in the bowl exceeds the air pressure behind the curve in the commode. With the room the toilet is in full of water, the toilets would have been in constant flush mode and the pipe would have been full of water, making it impossible to get air through the 'snorkels'.
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When Eggsy is in the police station and says he wants to exercise his right to a phone call, in the wide two shot there is no phone on the table, however when it cuts to the medium wide shot of Eggsy he picks up a phone which was supposedly there the entire time.
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When Eggsy is running from security in Valentine's base, he is holding a gun in one of the initial shots despite being unarmed when entering. He does not actually obtain a handgun until he disarms a guard later on.
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Valentine: Are you hungry?
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Harry Hart: You blew your opportunity just for a fuckin' dog!
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Harry Hart: [From trailer] If you're prepared to adapt, you can transform.
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