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Midsomer Murders

100 min
Crime | Drama | Mystery
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1 win & 6 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1998-06-28
Filming Locations: Albury Park, Guildford, Surrey, England, UK
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The solo instrument that produces the melody in the title music is a theremin. It was invented by Russian scientist Leon Theremin and was first demonstrated in 1920. It predates the modern synthesizer by about 40 years, but its uniqueness stems from the fact that it is the only instrument that is played without actually being touched. Its electronic circuits are controlled by two antennas, left and right of the instrument, toward which the player moves his or her hands. The closer the right hand to one antenna, the higher the pitch. Similarly the proximity of the left hand to the other antenna controls the volume. The theremin has a range well in excess of eight octaves, and is capable of all kinds of strange effects. These sounds have been put to use in science fiction and other films including Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound (1945) and Robert Wise's The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951). This unique instrument has also been used on The Beach Boys' song "Good Vibrations." The late Clara Rockmore was the theremin's greatest virtuoso, and the instrument and its inventor were profiled in the documentary Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (1994).
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In an article in the 19 March 2011 edition of the Radio Times listings magazine, producer Brian True-May was quoted as saying about Midsomer Murders: "We don't have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn't be the English village with them. It just wouldn't work. Suddenly we might be in Slough. Ironically, Causton is supposed to be Slough. And if you went into Slough you wouldn't see a white face there. We're the last bastion of Englishness and I want to keep it that way. I'm trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don't want to change it." He was suspended for these comments, perceived to be racist, which provoked a lot of discussion in the media, with opinions polarized in favor or in opposition with the policy. He was later reinstated but it was announced that he would step down as producer after the 2011 series had finished.
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A large number of actors have appeared in more than one episode of Midsomer Murders, sometimes as characters in an episode after their first incarnation has been horribly murdered. The first time this happened was with Richard Cant and Elizabeth Spriggs, who appeared in the episode Dead Letters (2006) nine years after they had both been murdered in the episode The Killings at Badger's Drift (1997). They played close relatives of their previous characters and D.I. Barnaby commented on the uncanny resemblance. Other actors who have "come back from the dead" in this way include Felicity Dean and Anna Massey.
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DCI Tom Barnaby: [Last line spoken by Tom Barnaby] What now? I'm going to have my cake and eat it.
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Any pointers to help us solve the crimes?
There has always been a case of "following the money"-in other words it is usually the most well known member of the cast who is the murderer. Also it does tend to be vicars who do the crime-not many Catholic priests have shown up in the programme by the way. If someone is convicted of a murder before the last half hour or so, chances are they are innocent.New responder here - here are the things I've learned from this show (and you might want to make a drinking game out of this if you're young...some tips may not pertain to your initial question but may be fun/helpful).Take a shot of whatever if:1. You see a full moon2. Hear or see a screeching owl3. Take a shot if: 3a. Someone gets thrown down the stairs 3b. Someone gets thrown out of a window 3c. Someone gets thrown off the ramparts/roof 3d. There is incest involved4. There SHOULD be at least 3 murders - all committed by the same one or two people.5. This show has confirmed the fact that Britain has many amazing actors/actresses, but they only hire the same 30 or so for speaking parts, so don't be surprised if you see people you've seen in other shows/movies. In some ways it's comforting; in others, a lazy effort...and you'll find they use the same ones multiple times.This is just for starters. Methinks you'll get rather sloshed just following these for a while.Oh, and to answer your question....pay attention to the first 5 minutes or so. There is always at least one or two who make out right threats = they will die and are not the bad guys. There will be others who chime in and seem innocuous at first = the killers. No disrespect to the initial responder, but that is how I see it.--------Sorry, can't help myself (new post)...Having watched CSI (Florida and Las Vegas...mostly filmed around the same time) and Dexter for many years - I can't believe Barnaby and Jones don't secure the crime scene for the true forensic experts to come in at the scene of the crime.. Oh no. They let any hysterical person even remotely related to the dead person barge in.
What was the race controversy on this programme?
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