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60 min
Crime | Drama
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1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-01-10
Filming Locations: Silvercup Studios - 4222 22nd Street, Long Island City, Queens, New York City, New York, USA
Raul Casso
Raul Casso
Poppy Montgomery
Carrie Wells
Dylan Walsh
Al Burns
Jane Curtin
Joanne Webster
Dallas Roberts
Eliot Delson
James Hiroyuki Liao
Jay Lee
Tawny Cypress
Cherie Rollins-Murray
Michael Gaston
Mike Costello
Kevin Rankin
Roe Saunders
Daya Vaidya
Nina Inara
Did you know?
Marilu Henner, credited as consultant on many episodes, has the same autobiographical memory condition as the main character in the show.
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Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) suffers from a condition called Hyperthymesia, which is a condition that 'allows for an uncanny recollection of personal memory'.
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In several episodes, Carrie demonstrates a 'trick' of her memory - someone gives her a date, and she tells them what day of the week it was, sunrise/sunset, and major events of the day. Her recollections are accurate - times for sunrise and sunset are based on NYC time.
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Carrie Wells: I'm Carrie Wells. Only a few people in the world have the ability to remember everything. I'm one of them. Pick any day of my life, and I can tell you what I saw or heard. Faces, conversations, clues - which comes in handy when you're a cop. If I miss something the first time, it's okay - I can go back and look again. My life is unforgettable.
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The series is back on
The series is back on, and finished for Season 2, and yet IMdB hasn't updated their page at all, since September. Could someone please get on this? Have tried to find a place to put this information, but there is nothing that says "add episodes" only things to update like 'synopsis' or 'plot summaries'....
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Amy Wilson Lola Glaudini Colin Egglesfield Anna Rose Hopkins Katherine McNamara Raul Casso Jason Ralph Sarah Sokolovic
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