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Marki Bey
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March 01, 1947
Birth Name:
Marqueeta Bey
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Some Facts
Los Angeles, California, USA: Operates several popular murder mystery cruises as well as a stamp collecting cruise for the American Philatelic Society with her husband Don Fenwick. Moreover, Bey also builds dollhouse miniature interiors that have been shown in museums in Los Angeles [June 2012]
Personal Quotes
The minute you start to think that you are the one who's carrying the film, you're lost. If you don't work in tandem and you consider yourself the star, then you're lost. I have never not worked without thinking of myself as part of an ensemble.
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I think an actor's dream is to come and put what they have on the table and then throw it around with somebody, a director who is credible, and to get feedback before you shoot. It's been very rare that I ever have a director say, "Give me a little more of that, or a little less of that."
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I always took every job seriously, like most performers do, and you prepare for the work. You don't think, "Oh, this is a piece of crap, so I don't have to turn in a class-A performance." It's serious. After it's done you can call it what you want, but it's serious. That's how I've always been. With each one you have to do the best that you can.
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