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Some Facts
None of the band members smoke. Brandon Flowers quit smoking on November 22, 2006.
Dave Keuning's old stage name, which he no longer uses, was "Tavian Go".
Members have included Brandon Flowers (vocals/synthesizer), Dave Keuning (guitar), Ronnie Vannucci (drums) and Mark Stoermer (bass). There is also an unofficial fifth Killer named Ted, who recently joined their tour and plays backup guitar and keyboards.
[2005] Eric Roberts was in their music video "Mr. Bright Side".
Brandon Flowers was a bellhop for a while at the Gold Coast Hotel; Dave Keuning, who was originally from Pella, Iowa, but moved to Las Vegas in early 2000, worked at a Banana Republic; Mark Stoermer worked as a medical courier delivering various medical supplies; and Ronnie Vannucci was a student of classical percussion at UNLV and worked as a photographer at the Little Chapel of Flowers.
Personal Quotes
I have no idea who Shed Seven are. If we sounded like them they would have sold 3 million records and we probably would have heard of them.
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Are we Human?/ Or are we Dancer?/ My Sign is Vital/ my Hands are Cold./ And I'm on my Knees looking for the answer./ Are we Human?/ Or are we Dancer?
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You're gonna bring yourself down, yeah/ you're gonna bring yourself down, yeah/ you're gonna bring yourself down!/ I got Soul but I'm not a Soldier/ I got Soul but I'm not a Soldier/I got Soul but I'm not a Soldier/I got Soul but I'm not a Soldier/I got Soul but I'm not a Soldier/I got Soul but I'm not a Soldier/I got Soul but I'm not a Soldier!/ Time! Truth! Hearts!
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Starmaker says it ain't so bad/ Dreammaker gonna make you mad/ Spaceman says Everybody Look Down/ It's all in your mind.
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People today are coming together as a family because our brothers and sisters in Africa need our help. So let's change their worlds.
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