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90 min
IMDB rate:
Declan Lowney
1 win & 7 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2013-08-07
Filming Locations: Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK
Opening Weekend: $12,664 (USA) (6 April 2014)
Gross: $147,831 (USA) (11 May 2014)
Colm Meaney
Pat Farrell
Steve Coogan
Alan Partridge
Tim Key
Side Kick Simon
Karl Theobald
Greg Frampton
Nigel Lindsay
Jason Tresswell
Felicity Montagu
Lynn Benfield
Dustin Demri-Burns
Danny Sinclair
Molly Seymour
Danny's Posse
Adam Langstaff
Danny's Posse
Aaron Heffernan
Danny's Posse
Simon Greenall
Phil Cornwell
Dave Clifton
Monica Dolan
Angela Ashbourne
Kieran Hodgson
Elizabeth Berrington
Katie Males
Desk WPC
Dan Mersh
Anna Maxwell Martin
Janet Whitehead
Darren Boyd
Martin Finch
Simon Delaney
Simon Kunz
Conner Scott
Lucy Briers
Tonia Scott
Debra Stewart
Chastity John
Jessica Knappett
WPC Ruth
Peter Singh
Officer Rohan Kapoor
Jayne Secker
Sky News Reporter
Diane Morgan
Girl in Crowd
Clive Myrie
BBC News 24 Anchor
Stewart White
BBC Look East Anchor
Eleanor Matsuura
TV Reporter
Robert Whitelock
Armed Mangina Officer
Martin Glyn Murray
Mangina Paparazzo
Cicely Giddings
Septic Tank Girl
Alan Rothwell
Old Man on Pier
Rita Davies
Old Lady on Pier
Anna Stockton
Darren Deans
Jingles Voiceover
Jaspal Badwell
Police Officer (uncredited)
Paul Blackwell
Police Officer (uncredited)
Chris Cowlin
Party Guest (uncredited)
Martin Crossingham
Policeman (uncredited)
Amanda Edwards
Policewoman (uncredited)
Alexandra Fraser
Hostage (uncredited)
Nigel Genis
Press / Photographer (uncredited)
Richard Herdman
Police Officer (uncredited)
Stuart Matthews
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Gino Picciano
Gawper (uncredited)
Liquid Thomas
Police Officer (uncredited)
Vic Waghorn
Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Did you know?
Lynn drives an old 1985 Austin Metro. In the second episode of I'm Alan Partridge (1997) she unsuccessfully tries to persuade Alan to trade in his Rover 800 for a much smaller and cheaper Rover Metro. Alan scornfully says he will not drive a "MiniMetro", which was the model's original name for the first two years of its production (eventually it was sold as the Rover Metro after the Austin brand became defunct). The model Lynn drives is from after the 'MiniMetro' became just 'Metro' but it's the same design.
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The North Norfolk Digital/Shape office was filmed at Brook House in Mitcham, London. In the school where the police are doing the investigation, there is an aerial photo on the wall, this is of that area of Mitcham, although rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise. The larger map next to it is of Norwich.
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The audio automation system used in the studios and OB Truck, is ENCO Presenter.
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The Chief Constable has a lot more medal ribbons on her uniform than is usual for British police officers. Although ones who are ex-military are entitled to wear medals earned during their previous service, the amount she has still isn't credible, especially for someone who looks so young.
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When Alan is shot and dribbling down his face, the spit disappears after a quick cut away from him.
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Tasing someone causes all the muscles in their body to contract, therefore tasing someone with their finger on the trigger of a loaded weapon would cause them to involuntarily fire it.
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Police Officer: Identify yourself!
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Alan Partridge: You can keep Jesus Christ. That was Neil Diamond... truly the 'King of the Jews'.
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Steve Stubbs: Alan! Read my lips. Now, if you jeopardize the safety of any of my men, or any of those hostages inside that building because you've not been listening to me; I will take off this police uniform and I will make you pay for it.
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