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42 min (105 episodes)
Action | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Won Golden Globe. Another 23 wins & 115 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2001-09-30
Filming Locations: U.S. Bank Tower - 633 W. Fifth Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
Ron Rifkin
Arvin Sloane
Carl Lumbly
Marcus Dixon
Kevin Weisman
Marshall Flinkman
Victor Garber
Jack Bristow
Michael Vartan
Michael Vaughn
Greg Grunberg
Eric Weiss
David Anders
Julian Sark
Merrin Dungey
Francie Calfo
Bradley Cooper
Will Tippin
Did you know?
Each of Jennifer Garner's wigs cost in the region of $5,000. Generally she required a new wig for each episode although sometimes they were recycled.
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When JJ Abrams was not happy with the season four premier he re-shot the entire thing in five days.
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According to the audio commentaries on the Season 1 DVDs, when Sydney is called to meet with the CIA, it is Series Creator J.J. Abrams' voice on the phone that says, "Joey's Pizza?"
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In the Episode where Sydney and Dixon go to Guadalajara the first take shows and auditorium front face with the name "Auditorio de Tijuana".
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One episode has brief scene in Helsinki, Finland. The scene involves high skyscrapers, but no such buildings exist in Helsinki.
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There is an episode in the first season where Sydney hides from a henchman by climbing onto a large pipe overhead. As the pipe begins to heat up and scald her hands, the henchman unlocks the deadbolt to an office door, leaving the keys visibly dangling as he enters. Just as the door closes, Sydney drops down in front of the door, but the keys are missing.
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Vaughn: Now, the guys say it's bitchin, so I assume it's... bitchin.
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Agent Marshall Flinkman: They're super-swank.
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Sydney: Hi. How did you find me?
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Is Nadia Jack's daughter?
No, she is Sloane's daughter. Many fans speculated that Irina's comments at the end of season 4 suggested Nadia was really Jack's daughter, however, the writers never meant for her comment to suggest that Nadia was maybe Jack's daughter.
Where can I find a list of the music that was on the show?
When did Sloane find out about Sydney's real identity as a double agent?
The likely answer is when Sark turns himself into SD-6. Sark tells Sydney that he told Sloane 2 things to gain his trust. He reveals the first to her (Sark didn't kill Sloane), but not the second. The second thing was likely to be the fact that Sydney and Jack are double agents.
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