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90 min
Comedy | Drama
IMDB rate:
Patrick Read Johnson
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1995-09-15
Filming Locations: Stillwater, Minnesota, USA
Gross: $4,821,759 (USA) Filming Dates 15 August 1993 - 10 October 1993 Copyright Holder Turner Pictures Worldwide, Inc. Related Links
Perry Anzilotti
Tuxedo Salesman
Kathy Bates
Meg Bethune
Robert Curtis Brown
Kevin Connolly
Tony Denman
Yvette Freeman
Science Teacher
Salim Grant
Epatha Harris
Ellen, Election Girl
Steven Hartman
Rick - Age 11
Robin Lynn Heath
Jody Cole
Grant Hoover
Angus - Age 8
Evan Kaufman
Alex Immergluch
James Keane
Irvin Kershner
Mr. Stoff
Michael McLeod
Rick - Age 8
Wesley Mann
Mr. Kessler
Rita Moreno
Madame Rulenska
Monty O'Grady
Chris Owen
Troy Wedberg
Bob Pepper
Wedding Photographer
Tanner Lee Prairie
Rick - Age 5
Lawrence Pressman
Principal Metcalf
Lindsay Price
Recycling Girl
Christopher Ragsdale
Boy Playing Football
Bethany Richards
Melissa Lefevre - Age 11
Ariana Richards
Melissa Lefevre
Cameron Royds
Baby Angus
George C. Scott
Grandpa Ivan
Aaron Siefers
Angus - Age 11
Charlie Talbert
Angus Bethune
Eric E. Thomas II
Kid at Birthday Party
Anna Levine
April Thomas (as Anna Thomson)
James Van Der Beek
Rick Sandford
Bryan Warloe
Troy - Age 8
Michael Wesley
Angus - Age 5
Don Feldstein
Disc Jockey (uncredited)
Lori J. Ness
Party Guest (uncredited)
Joel Thingvall
Hall Monitor (uncredited)
Did you know?
Throughout the film, the band Green Day is referenced many times. Green Day's then producer Rob Cavallo is the film's executive producer. This isn't by coincidence. Cavallo has never produced movies, only albums for Reprise Records.
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In the original short story, Angus' dad was alive and both of his parents were gay. When the movie was first shot, Angus' mom was straight and his dad was gay. After the final cut, the filmmakers decided to abandon the "gay parents" situation for good. The beginning - and some key scenes - were re-shot with George C. Scott in his present role as Angus' grandfather.
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Weezer was asked to write a song inspired by this film and Rivers Cuomo read the script and wrote two songs: "Wanda" in which he sings from a first persons point of view with lyrics such as: "my mom drives a big rig, and my daddy's gay" which referenced the the original script, and "You Gave Your Love to me Softly". Only the latter was used.
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After Angus drops Melissa at her house, they are talking. Every time the camera angle changes, his hair is in a different style.
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In the opening football scene, when Angus makes a tackle, the football clearly falls to the ground. In the next shot, it is still seen soaring through the air.
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When Angus is trying on tuxedos for the prom, when the man brings out the purple tuxedo, from the far view look in the mirror. You can see the camera man.
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Grandpa: These ARE my teeth!
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Grandpa: Don't mind what other people think.
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Angus: I don't sweat. I rain.
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What is the song called during the credits?
"J.A.R." by American rock-band Green Day.---------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd contribution: If you/someone wants to know about the song during the OPENING credits, it is "Am I wrong" by Love spit Love. (Lead singer is from the Psychedelic Furs). This song is on a Love spit Love album, and is also on the 'Angus' soundtrack. The version on the soundtrack has the marching band blended in with it (pretty much how it is during the credits). -Echdrum
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