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Baron Blood

Italy:98 min | USA:90 min | Argentina:92 min
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Mario Bava
Country: West Germany
Release Date: 1972-10-27
Filming Locations: Vienna, Austria
Gross: ITL 262,741,000 (Italy) Filming Dates 2 October 1971 - 9 November 1971 Related Links
Joseph Cotten
Baron Otto von Kleist
Elke Sommer
Eva Arnold
Massimo Girotti
Dr. Karl Hummel
Antonio Cantafora
Peter Kleist
Umberto Raho
Inspector (as Humi Raho)
Luciano Pigozzi
Fritz (as Alan Collins)
Dieter Tressler
Mayor Dortmundt
Pilar Castel
Madeleine, the doctor's assistant (uncredited)
Gustavo De Nardo
Dr. Werner Hessler (uncredited)
Nicoletta Elmi
Gretchen Hummel (uncredited)
Rolf Hädrich
Auctioner (uncredited)
Alfredo Leone
Man on the aircraft (uncredited)
Kathy Leone
Woman on the aircraft (uncredited)
Maurice Poli
Land surveyor (uncredited)
Valeria Sabel
Martha Hummel (uncredited)
Did you know?
Alfredo Leone:  can be seen seated behind Antonio Cantafora in the opening scenes aboard the Pan Am 747. His daughter Kathy Leone is sitting next to Cantafora.
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Sometime around 1997, there emerged a massive Internet hoax which claimed that a Siberian borehole had penetrated the Earth's crust into Hell itself, with "proof" being an audio recording of the screaming souls of the damned. This urban legend (variously known as the "Siberian Sounds of Hell" or "The Well to Hell" hoax) featured in many tabloids, and was even cited by some Christian groups as hard proof of a real Hell. The sound effects supposedly recorded within the borehole were actually a combination of story elements from a radio broadcast "Quiet Please - The Fourble Board", and audio lifted from this film.
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The production was shot in six weeks, finishing three days ahead of schedule and under the budget as well.
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While being chased through the streets by Baron Blood, Eva runs into the same alley twice (with the same advertisement plastered against the building).
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Several times it changes between day and night between shots. For example, Peter arrives in broad daylight when he rescues Eva from the Baron, but it is the middle of the night when he brings her to the dorm afterwards.
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Eva's hairstyle markedly changes in a matter of minutes: from the dinner scene at Karl's house to just a few minutes later when she and Peter are inside the castle, her hair goes from a wavy perm to being nearly straight-combed.
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Photos from cast
Rada Rassimov