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Campbell Summer Soundstage

USA:30 min
IMDB rate:
Country: USA
Release Date: 1952-06-06
Filming Locations: New York City, New York, USA
Parker Fennelly
(3 episodes, 1954)
James Dean
Hank Bradon / ... (2 episodes, 1953)
Don Hanmer
Mickey (2 episodes, 1953-1954)
Margaret Hayes
(2 episodes, 1953-1954)
Georgann Johnson
(2 episodes, 1953-1954)
Elliott Reid
(2 episodes, 1953-1954)
James Gregory
(2 episodes, 1953)
Henry Hull
(2 episodes, 1954)
Van Dyke Parks
(2 episodes, 1954)
Morton Stevens
Judge (2 episodes, 1954)
Joseph Sweeney
School Superintendant (2 episodes, 1954)
Did you know?
In 1953, The Aldrich Family (1949) was cancelled and was last shown in May. This show, renamed "Campbell Soundstage", became a permanent replacement beginning in July 1953 and continuing to May 1954. The format changed with the shows being broadcast live from New York City. The show was broadcast on NBC on Friday evenings between 9:30 and 10:00 PM Eastern Time.
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This show first appeared in the summer of 1952 (June-August) as a summer replacement for The Aldrich Family (1949). All of the episodes were filmed and were broadcast on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) on Friday evenings between 9:30 and 10:00 PM Eastern Time.
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On June 4, 1954, the name was changed to "Campbell Summer Soundstage" and the format reverted to film; many of the shows were episodes that had been shown on _"Ford Television Theatre, The" (1948)_. These broadcasts continued until September 1954 on NBC on Friday nights between 9:30 and 10:00 PM Eastern Time until the show was replaced by the sitcom Dear Phoebe (1954).
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