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102 min
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Dennis Hopper
Country: USA
Release Date: 1994-04-22
Filming Locations: Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Gross: $1,596,700 (USA) Filming Dates 17 May 1993 - 16 July 1993 Related Links
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
William McNamara
Eddie Devane
Erika Eleniak
Toni Johnson
Crispin Glover
Howard Finster
Matthew Glave
Rory Blanes
Grand L. Bush
Vance Dooly
Bitty Schram
Flo, Waitress
Gary Busey
Sergeant Vince Banger
Seymour Cassel
Master Chief Bogg
Frederic Forrest
Duane, Mechanic
Marilu Henner
Katie, Waitress
Dennis Hopper
Scott Marlowe
Fast Food Clown
Jim Grimshaw
Chief Yarboro
Mick McGovern
State Trooper
Charles Page
Guard Box Marine
Richard Pelzman
Redneck Guy
Laura Cathey
Checkout Girl
Jim Bath
Salvage Yard Guy
Michael Flippo
Biker Bartender
Rick Warner
Master Chief
Robert Priester
Seaman #1
Gene Dann
Jon Rodgers
Seaman #2
Michael Martin
Elderly Man
Victoria Duffy
Female Sailor #1
Michael O'Brien
Elizabeth Hawkins
Female Sailor #2
Tony Donno
Ball Retriever
Wallace Wilkinson
Robert Pentz
Street Tough #1
Jackson 'Rock' Pinckney
Street Tough #2
Jimmie Lee Sessoms
Street Tough #3
Melissa Wyler
Person #1 on Bridge (as Melissa Detwiler)
Ted Detwiler
Person #2 on Bridge
Bob Dorough
Piano Player / Singer
John Christopher Stuart
Flag Raiser
Toni Prima
Tour Guide
David E. Harshbarger
Bartender (uncredited)
Matthew Sullivan
Seaman #3 (uncredited)
Justin Thaler
BMW Onlooker (uncredited)
Did you know?
The Final Film Dennis Hopper Directed And His Only Comedy As Director.
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The ship going under the bridge in the climactic scene is the USS CARR (FFG 52), then stationed at Charleston Naval Base.
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Director Cameo: Dennis Hopper briefly appears as "Doggie".
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Banger (Gary Busey) says "He's her problem now" as he tells his Marines to unshackle the prisoner. What he actually meant was "SHE'S HIS problem now.
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As the van begins to fall backwards off the mini-golf volcano, the metal bar holding it to the volcano can be seen under the van.
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Large emphasis was placed at the start of the movie that regulations state a female prisoner must have a female escort present during transfer, it was only that Devane was duped into signing the release form why they were forced to ignore this strict regulation, however after they release her into the custody of the Navy at the end, she then again is escorted by two separate male SP's with nobody thinking anything of it.
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Eddy: 7 years, karate.
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Eddy: Oh. Somebody's always doin' somebody wrong. On that radio.
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Rock Reilly: Get in the van!
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Tom Berenger Dean Stockwell
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