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Coffee and Cigarettes

95 min
Comedy | Drama | Music
IMDB rate:
Jim Jarmusch
4 wins & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2004-03-12
Opening Weekend: $99,162 (USA) (16 May 2004)
Gross: $1,971,135 (USA) (18 July 2004)
Roberto Benigni
Roberto (segment "Strange to Meet You")
Steven Wright
Steven (segment "Strange to Meet You")
Joie Lee
Good Twin (segment "Twins")
Cinqué Lee
Evil Twin
Steve Buscemi
Waiter (segment "Twins")
Iggy Pop
Iggy (segment "Somewhere in California")
Tom Waits
Tom (segment "Somewhere in California")
Joseph Rigano
Joe (segment "Those Things'll Kill Ya") (as Joe Rigano)
Vinny Vella
Vinny (segment "Those Things'll Kill Ya")
Vinny Vella Jr.
Vinny Jr. (segment "Those Things'll Kill Ya")
Renee French
Renée (segment "Renée") (as Renée French)
E.J. Rodriguez
Waiter (segment "Renée")
Alex Descas
Alex (segment "No Problem")
Isaach De Bankolé
Isaach (segment "No Problem")
Cate Blanchett
Michael Hogan
Waiter (segment "Cousins")
Jack White
Jack (segment "Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil")
Meg White
Meg (segment "Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil")
Alfred Molina
Alfred (segment "Cousins?")
Steve Coogan
Steve (segment "Cousins?")
Katy Hansz
Katy (segment "Cousins?")
GZA (segment "Delirium")
RZA (segment "Delirium")
Bill Murray
Bill Murray (segment "Delirium")
William Rice
Bill (segment "Champagne") (as Bill Rice)
Taylor Mead
Taylor (segment "Champagne")
Did you know?
In the "Those Things'll Kill Ya" there is, hanging on the wall, a picture of Henry Silva, famous for his portrayals of gangsters and evil characters. Silva played a mob boss in Jarmusch's Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999).
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Jim Jarmusch shot the scene in which Cate Blanchett plays a double role on two different days, to give Blanchett time to transform her appearance and character.
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Tom Waits improvised his excuse for being late for his rendezvous with Iggy Pop. In it he explains that he had to perform "roadside surgery" to deliver a baby in the back of a car. Waits is known for toying with journalists and is fond of altering his place of birth (barn, elevator, etc.). In one such interview he claimed to have been born in the back of a taxi cab.
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When Cathy is giving the paper bag to Shelby, the bag is tied at the top, but when Shelby is taking it, it is wide open.
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When toasting in the Champagne sequence, the cup of Taylor Mead changes hands.
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The page showing in Renee French's weapon magazine varies between shots, even when she isn't turning the pages.
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Bill Murray: [Coughs] Doc, what could I do for this cough?
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Joe: You really are a fuckin' moron, you know that? I'm gonna call up the big tobacco companies and thank them for burying you!
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Shelly: It's just... funny, don't yah think, that when you can't afford something, it's like *really expensive* but then when you can afford it, it's like, free? It's kinda backwards, don't yah think?
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