Cucumber Castle
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Cucumber Castle

56 min
Musical | Comedy
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Hugh Gladwish
Country: UK
Release Date: 1970-12-26
Barry Gibb
Prince Frederick, King of Cucumber / Singer
Maurice Gibb
Prince Marmaduke, King of Jelly / Singer
Ginger Baker
Himself (as Blind Faith)
Peter Blythe
Eleanor Bron
Lady Margerie Pee
Eric Clapton
Himself (as Blind Faith)
Pat Coombs
Nurse Sarah Charles Bottom
Ric Grech
Himself (as Blind Faith)
Frankie Howerd
Dying King
Lulu the cook
Spike Milligan
The Court Jester
Julian Orchard
Julian the Lord Chamberlaine
Vincent Price
Wicked Count Voxville
Steve Winwood
Himself (as Blind Faith)
Roger Daltrey
Himself (uncredited)
Himself (uncredited)
Marianne Faithfull
Herself (uncredited)
Mick Jagger
Himself (uncredited)
Donovan Leitch Jr.
Himself (uncredited)
Did you know?
According to notes on the video: 'By the time filming began in 1969, The Bee Gees were down to a trio consisting of Barry and Maurice Gibb and drummer Colin Petersen. Robin Gibb quit the group earlier in the year following the release of the group's fourth album "Odessa". Songs for the film were recorded during the summer of 1969 with Petersen on drums, but when filming began he was fired from the group. His scenes from the film were cut and he is not credited in the accompanying album, though he does play on some songs.(under the heading "Home Media"): The title was briefly released in the U.S. in the early days of home video by the tiny label Video Tape Network, but quickly disappeared from sale, likely due to a licensing dispute. The tape was once cited by Video Review magazine as the rarest commercial release ever, and copies have fetched three figures on the collector's market. It has never since been officially released on home video in any form, though bootlegs have circulated for years.
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Nurse Sarah Charles Bottom: Oh My lord, my liege, please rally. See what I've brought to tempt you; one of my own special potions
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