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Action | Drama | Horror | Thriller
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Aljen Juchefskey
Country: Poland
Release Date: 2011-09-06
Phil LaMarr
Sam B
Kim Mai Guest
Xian Mei
David Kaye
Logan Carter
Peta Johnson
Sumalee Montano
Yerema / Additional Voices (voice)
Tara Sands
Jin / Additional Voices (voice)
Joe Hanna
Ryder White / Additional Voices (voice)
Adam Gifford
Mowen / Additional Voices (voice) (as Adam G.)
Kevin Daniels
Titus / Additional Voices (voice)
James C. Mathis III
Matutero / Additional Voices (voice) (as James Mathis)
Leon Morenzie
Ope (voice)
Dave Wittenberg
Bobby / Additional Voices (voice)
Steve Blum
Sinamoi / Additional Voices (voice)
John Cygan
Dr. West / Additional Voices (voice)
Dave Franklin
Additional Voices (voice)
David Franklin
Additional Voices (voice)
Cam Clarke
Journalist / Additional Voices (voice) (as Cam Clark)
Zach Hanks
Kevin / Additional Voices (voice)
Elizabeth Gilpin
Mother Helen / Additional Voices (voice)
Keo Woolford
Additional Voices (voice)
David Cooley
Additional Voices (voice)
Roger Craig Smith
Additional Voices (voice)
Craig South
Additional Voices (voice)
Jon Johnson
Additional Voices (voice)
Carin Chea
Additional Voices (voice)
Michael Sun Lee
Additional Voices (voice)
Joel Gelman
Additional Voices (voice)
Kamil Haque
Ojibon / Additional Voices (voice)
John Madison Tye
Additional Voices (voice)
Zinnia Su
Additional Voices (voice)
Kim Compeau
Additional Voices (voice)
Andrew Meisner
Additional Voices (voice)
Leila Birch
Base (voice)
Cesar Cipriano
Additional Voices (voice)
Charles Dennis
Additional Voices (voice)
Josiah D. Lee
Keenan (voice)
Josef Lord
Sam B
Thomas Isao Morinaka
Tembi / Scientist 1 / Afran's Soldier / Additional Voices (voice)
Amanda Philipson
Christine / Additional Voices (voice)
Roy Vongtama
Afran (voice)
Did you know?
Inside of the hotel, on the quest "Born to be Wild," talk to Mike Davies. After that, move to the next room where a workbench is present. Enter the next room where you will find one of the computers to reboot. If you look at the wall to the side of the desk with the fan on it, you will see a poster displaying "Chrome 2," one of Techland's next upcoming games. Techland is also the producer of Dead Island.
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The game itself has been in development since at least 2005 when it was under the name of Island of Living Dead.
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The game was not released in Germany, due to the amount of violence. Dead Island was sold in some German online stores such as Amazon Germany, for a limited time. It was indexed in November 2011.
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Throughout the game, players combat zombies that, despite being the undead, can be drowned in shallow water. Despite the fact they appear to have a functioning respiratory system, this does not explain how the Infected type zombies (which can also drown) are able to run and scream endlessly without fatigue. This also fails to explain the Floater type zombie which often hides in shallow waters.
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Dead bodies that haven't turned into zombies make the same noise when striking the body as zombies do when hit.
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Before the final boss fight, Ryder White's infected wife attacks Ryder and he throws her to the ground. Despite not shooting or even injuring her, Mrs. White remains on the ground as though she's suddenly dead and disappears once the boss fight commences.
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Xian Mei: Oh my God!
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Yerema: Here, women are treated like dirt. Beaten, raped, burned for being witches.
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Jin: Is this infection all over the island? Jesus Christ. They were caught totally by surprise. This is never going to end is it?
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Why is the game so different from the trailer?
The trailer got people into the idea of the game and the creators decided to take a different path.
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Malia Tyler