Death Ship
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Death Ship

91 min
Adventure | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
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Alvin Rakoff
Country: Canada
Release Date: 1980-03-07
Filming Locations: Dauphin Island, Alabama, USA
George Kennedy
Captain Ashland
Richard Crenna
Trevor Marshall
Sally Ann Howes
Margaret Marshall
Kate Reid
Victoria Burgoyne
Jennifer McKinney
Robin Marshall
Danny Higham
Ben Marshall
Saul Rubinek
Murray Cruchley
Parsons (as Lee Murray)
Doug Smith
Seaman No. 1
Tony Sherwood
Seaman No. 2
Andrew Semple
Strangled Sailor (uncredited)
Did you know?
The name of the old black-and-white musical film shown on the "Death Ship" was the 1936 British musical picture Everything Is Rhythm (1936).
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The make and model of the derelict mysterious black 'Flying Dutchman like' "Death Ship" was a deserted German World War II freighter which had once been a Kriegsmarine prison ship used for torturing.
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Second appearance in consecutive years portraying a captain for actor George Kennedy who plays ship Captain Ashland in this 1980 film and had portrayed Captain Joe Patroni for the fourth and final time the previous year in The Concorde... Airport '79 (1979).
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When the group first comes up upon the ship after it sunk the cruise ship, you see one of the windows open up, you can clearly see a person's arm when he opens the window, it is supposed to be opened by a ghost, which it clearly isn't.
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At the beginning, just after the collision, the surviving characters are seen drifting on the ocean on a wooden platform. George Kennedy's character is plainly visible lying down with the group, even though he hasn't yet been pulled out of the water! He appears from below the water about two minutes later.
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At the 51-minute mark, there is a sequence in which the character played by George Kennedy emerges in a dark uniform atop the ship while the character played by Richard Crenna looks from below. During three separate long shots of Kennedy, a crew member and camera are plainly visible to the left of the screen.
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Ashland: Signal him to alter course.
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Trevor Marshall): Where do you plan to sail her?
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