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Action | Crime | Thriller
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Maurice Suckling
Country: UK
Release Date: 2004-06-26
Jake Canuso
Dubois / Additional Voices (voice)
Stephane Cornicard
Vauban (voice) (as Stephen Cornicard)
Demetri Goritsas
Bad Hand / Additional Voices (voice) (as Demitri Goritsas)
Michael Madsen
Qarie Marshall
Gator / Additional Voices (voice) (as Quarie Marshall)
Iggy Pop
Baccus / Additional Voices (voice)
Eluid Porras
Lomaz (voice)
Ving Rhames
Tobias Jones (voice)
Mickey Rourke
Sirine Saba
Fabienne (voice)
Emmanuel Bonami
Additional Voices (voice)
Fisun Burgess
Additional Voices (voice) (as Fesun Burgess)
Chris Dawson
Additional Voices (voice)
Nathalie Horn
Additional Voices (voice)
Rafael Nagues
Additional Voices (voice)
Zeki Okar
Additional Voices (voice)
Regina Reagan
Additional Voices (voice)
Huseyin Saken
Additional Voices (voice)
Martin Sherman
Additional Voices (voice) (as Martin T. Sherman)
Did you know?
Michael Madsen provides the voice for Tanner, an undercover cop. Madsen also voiced a character in Grand Theft Auto 3, in which the main character has to kill an undercover cop named Tanner.
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In Grand Theft Auto III, one mission has the main character kill an undercover cop named Tanner, who was clearly named after the hero of the "Driver" series. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, one mission has Tommy Vercetti kill men named after characters from similar games, including Tanner. In this game, Tanner gets his revenge. In each city, he has to kill 10 men named Timmy Vermicelli who wear Hawaiian shirts (similar to Tommy Vercetti) and arm floats (in Vice City, Tommy dies whenever he goes into the water).
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The scene in which Carlita calls Gator after the sour deal is taken almost verbatim from a scene in Heat (1995), where Robert De Niro's character calls a businessman who has just screwed him on a deal.
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