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271 min | Sweden:254 min | UK:259 min | Netherlands:244 min
Drama | History | War
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Ronald F. Maxwell
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1993-10-08
Filming Locations: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Budget: $25,000,000
Gross: $10,769,960 (USA) Filming Dates 20 July 1992 Related Links
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
Richard Jordan
Richard Jordan
Martin Sheen
Gen. Robert E. Lee
Stephen Lang
Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett
Andrew Prine
Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnett
Cooper Huckabee
Henry T. Harrison
Patrick Gorman
Maj. Gen. John Bell Hood
Bo Brinkman
Maj. Walter H. Taylor
James Lancaster
Lt. Col. Arthur Fremantle
William Morgan Sheppard
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble
Kieran Mulroney
Maj. G. Moxley Sorrel
James Patrick Stuart
Col. E. Porter Alexander
Tim Ruddy
Maj. Charles Marshall
Royce D. Applegate
Brig. Gen. James L. Kemper
Ivan Kane
Cap. Thomas J. Goree
Warren Burton
Maj. Gen. Henry Heth
MacIntyre Dixon
Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early
Joseph Fuqua
Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart
Timothy Scott
Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell
George Lazenby
Brig. Gen. J. Johnston Pettigrew
Alex Harvey
Maj. Hawkins
Charles Lester Kinsolving
Brig. Gen. Willilam Barksdale
Ted Kozlosky
Confederate Lieutenant
Henry Atterbury
Lee's Aide
Graham Winton
Maj. Gen. Robert E. Rodes
Curtis Bradford
Another Officer (as Curtiss Bradford)
Daniel Chamblin
Confederate Officer
Patrick Falci
Lt. Gen. Ambose Powell Hill
Greg Ginther
Rodes' Courier
George Heffner
Another Officer
Tom Landon
Texas Soldier #2
Trent Walker
Rebel Prisoner (as Michael Tennessee Lee)
Rick Leisenring
Confederate Voice
Steve Leone
An Officer
Tom Mays
Early's Courier
Frank McGurgan
Old Sergeant
Peter Miller
Pender's Courier
Arnold Nisley
Ted Rebich
Dr. Cullen
Curtis Utz
Texas Soldier #1
C. George Werner
Another Officer
Joe Ayer
Banjo and Guitar Player
Eric Ayer
Banjo and Guitar Player
Jeff Daniels
Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Sam Elliott
Brig. Gen. John Buford
C. Thomas Howell
Lt. Thomas D. Chamberlain
Kevin Conway
Sgt. 'Buster' Kilrain
Brian Mallon
Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock
Buck Taylor
Col. William Gamble
John Diehl
Pvt. Bucklin
Joshua D. Maurer
Col. James C. Rice (as Josh Mauer)
John Rothman
Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds
Richard Anderson
Maj. Gen. George G. Meade
Billy Campbell
Lt. Pitzer (as William Campbell)
David Carpenter
Col. Thomas C. Devin
Maxwell Caulfield
Col. Strong Vincent
Donal Logue
Capt. Ellis Spear
Dwier Brown
Capt. Brewer
Herb Mitchell
Sgt. Andrew J. Tozier
Emile O. Schmidt
Brig. Gen. John Gibbon
Daniel Baumann
Private #2
Ken Burns
Hancock's Aide
Michael Callahan
Bearded Man
Scott Allan Campbell
Capt. Atherton W. Clark
David C. Cole
Buford's Aide (as David Cole)
Mark Z. Danielewski
Brian James Egen
Cocky Lieutenant (as Brian Egen)
Thomas Fife
2nd Maine Man (as Tom Fife)
David Fiske
John Fitzpatrick
Old 2nd Maine Man
Vee Gentile
Gary Gilmore
Union Rider (Voice #1)
John Hadfield
Vincent's Courier
John Heffron
Sgt. Charles H. Veil
Conn Horgan
Officer #1 (as Con Horgan)
Richard Kiester
Devin's Aide
Matt Letscher
Young 2nd Maine Man
Robert Lucas
Guard, 118th Pennsylvania
Reid MacLean
Pvt. Jim Merrill
Jonathan Maxwell
Pvt. Bill Merrill
Barry McEvoy
2nd Maine Soldier
Scott Mehaffey
Lieutenant, Buford's Staff
Mark Moses
Sgt. Owen
Russel Starlin
Officer #2
Leonard Termo
Cpl. George F. Estabrook
Frank Moseley
Soldier #1 20th Maine
Brian Resh
Soldier #2 20th Maine
Lawrence Sangi
Soldier #3 20th Maine
Michael Phillips
Soldier #4 20th Maine
Adam Brandy
Soldier #5 20th Maine
Sandy Mitchell
Fiddle and Guitar Player
John Durant
Fiddle and Guitar Player
Olivia Maxwell
Taneytown Girl
Darryl Wharton
Escaped Slave
Bill Chemerka
Confederate soldier (uncredited)
Chris Dedman
Signal Corpse Soldier (uncredited)
Ed DeLeo
The Mayor (uncredited)
Rami Rivera Frankl
Rebel Soldier (uncredited)
Kevin R. Hershberger
Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
Robert Lee Hodge
Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
Alec Holmes
Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
Jay Lance
Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
Bruce Lindsay
Confederate / Union Soldier (uncredited)
Brian Pohanka
Brig. Gen. Alexander Stewart Webb
Alejandro de Quesada
Union Soldier (uncredited)
Ken DeSoto Ramoz
Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
Ted Turner
Col. Waller T. Patton (uncredited)
Greg van Wey
Soldier (uncredited)
Did you know?
Olivia Maxwell:  There is only one line in the entire 261 minute film spoken by a female. "I thought the war was in Virginia", was said by the director Ronald F. Maxwell's daughter Olivia, who appeared as a young Marylander beside the road as the Army of the Potomac marched towards Gettysburg. The taunting of the marching troops reflects the fact that pro-Confederate sentiment was strong in Maryland and the state remained in the Union only because President Abraham Lincoln placed it under virtual military occupation and suspended habeas corpus. Had Maryland seceded, Washington D.C. would have been completely surrounded by Confederate territory.
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Nearly all of the battle sequences of the First Day (Heth's men deploying into line, exchanging fire only yards in front of Buford's troopers, the artillery explosions, etc.) were filmed entirely by the movie's Second Unit. The First Unit and much of the production staff were several miles away filming the Little Round Top sequences.
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Just before the Little Round Top battle, there is a scene of a Catholic priest performing a blessing of the troops. General Hancock and staff is seen entering just before it's end. This was a famous incident where the Irish Brigade receiving absolution from the Priest William Corby just before going into what would be the second day of the Gettysburg battle.
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General Longstreet's shifting beard.
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On the first day, Heth's Division formed on Herr's ridge and advanced in line of battle toward Buford's troopers, not deployed 50 yards in front of Buford. However, the realities of filming required that the units be positioned much closer to each other to be seen in the same picture, plus, one effect of long range lenses is to foreshorten distances, making things look closer together than they really are.
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Buford was, in fact, ordered to the left. He wasn't sent away from the battlefield until late morning on July 2. The first evening of the battle, when Buford meets Hancock in the command post, Hancock mentions that Buford's cavalry will be pulled from the line and moved to cover the left against CSA cavalry. This is inaccurate factually (Buford's badly-mauled cavalry was pulled back to guard supply lines behind Union lines for the rest of the battle) as well as nonsensical - the CSA cavalry was on the REBEL left (the Union RIGHT).
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Major General Winfield Scott Hancock: Tell me, Professor. In your studies have you come across a story from antiquity of two men who are like brothers facing each other on the field of battle?
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Gen. Buford: There's an old Indian saying: "Follow the cigar smoke, find the fat man there."
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General Robert E. Lee: Yes, sir, general. We will attack the center. But I believe you are right about the flank. Hood and McLaws were both very badly damaged yesterday. What I will do is give you two other divisions: General Pettigrew and General Trimble. They are stronger and more rested, and so you will have nearly three divisions at your command, including Pickett. Your objection will be that clump of trees yonder.
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What is the significance of the ending?
It was originally intended for the film to end with Harrison, the first character to appear, surveying the battlefield as he did in the first scene but now finding it devastated and strewn with bodies. In the end it was decided the final scene should be Tom and Joshua Chamberlain discovering that they have both survived the battle and embracing, a film about the Civil War which pitted brother against brother ends with two brothers reunited.
What are the best websites for further information?
This list will no doubt grow:1. The Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center: The city of Gettysburg's site: Gettysburg Battlefied National Military Park: Photographs Et Cetera: A veritable wealth of official and anecdotal accounts:
What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut?
Already more than four hours long the movie was recently released as a Director's Cut on Blu-ray that features approx. 17 minutes of extended plot footage that aren't really important for the movie. Nonetheless one can find a detailed comparison between both versions with pictures here.
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