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Hostel: Part II

94 min
IMDB rate:
Eli Roth
5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-06-08
Filming Locations: Barrandov Studios, Prague, Czech Republic
Budget: $10,000,000
Opening Weekend: $8,203,391 (USA) (10 June 2007)
Gross: $17,544,812 (USA) (1 July 2007)
Richard Burgi
Richard Burgi
Hostel: Part II
Edwige Fenech
Edwige Fenech
Hostel: Part II
Lauren German
Roger Bart
Heather Matarazzo
Bijou Phillips
Vera Jordanova
Jay Hernandez
Jordan Ladd
Milan Knazko
Stanislav Ianevski
Patrik Zigo
Bubblegum Gang Leader
Zuzana Geislerová
Ivan Furak
Big Guard
Monika Malácová
Mrs. Bathory
Davide Dominici
Petr Vancura
Roman Janecka
Milda Jedi Havlas
Desk Clerk Jedi
Liliyan Malkina
Make-Up Woman (as Lilian Malkina)
Susanna Bequer
Italian Translator (as Susana Bequer)
Luc Merenda
Italian Detective
Ruggero Deodato
The Italian Cannibal
Philip Waley
Monitor Guard Czelsifan
Rostislav Osicka
Monitor Guard Boxr
Peter Bláha
Drunk Italian
Jirí Barton
Knife Wielding Italian
Michaela Kaplanova
Todd's Hooker
Nada Vanatkova
Italian Nurse
Jan Nemejovský
The Doctor
Pierre Peyrichout
Army Man
Riccardo Trombetta
Electrocution Victim
Ota Filip
Muttonchop Guard
Jirí Hajdyla
Train Waiter
Mirek Cipra
Tub Guard
Mark Taylor
Sir Bruce Bonus
Guilherme Bolliger
Paul Bullen
Chris Hewitt
Drunk British Slob
Karel Vanásek
Devilku Puppet
Daniel Frisch
Decapitated Fanny Pack Man (as Dan Frisch)
David Baxa
Hammer Man
Jaromír Nosek
Van Driver (as Mira Nosek)
Martin Faltýn
Senior Cozzi (as Martin Faltyn)
Monika Hladová
Train Waitress
Iveta Rucka
Stuart's Hooker
Stephanie Bauman
Axelle's Next Victim
Mollie Andron
Axelleâ's Next Victim #2
Adam Gazik
Bubble Gum Kid
Adrian Kotlar
Bubble Gum Kid
Adriana Godlova
Bubble Gum Kid
Ales Kotlar
Bubble Gum Kid
Andrea Varadiova
Bubble Gum Kid
Dana Matiova
Bubble Gum Kid
Ervin Varadi
Bubble Gum Kid
Frantisek Dumka
Bubble Gum Kid
Frantisek Kotlar
Bubble Gum Kid
Jakub Surmai
Bubble Gum Kid
Josef Adamovic
Bubble Gum Kid
Lucas Cajkovsky
Bubble Gum Kid (as Lukas Cajkovsky)
Nikolas Conka
Bubble Gum Kid
Ondrej Cajkovsky
Bubble Gum Kid
Petr Conka
Bubble Gum Kid
Radek Entner
Bubble Gum Kid
Radek Hrdlicka
Bubble Gum Kid
Stanislav Conka
Bubble Gum Kid
Vladimir Churan
Bubble Gum Kid
Rick Hoffman
The American Businessman
Derek Richardson
Jana Kaderabkova
Barbara Nedeljakova
Did you know?
During a torture scene, Roger Bart says, "I'm fucking Hercules!" Roger played Young Hercules in the Disney movie, Hercules (1997).
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The car used by Sasha is a Maserati Quattroporte.
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In an article for Variety, Eli states, "We've got actual theme rooms."
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When Stuart reluctantly gets his tattoo, they show him sitting down and pulling up his left sleeve in the mirror with his right hand. The camera angle then changes and he's pulling up his right sleeve with his left hand and his left sleeve down.
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While Lorna is suspended upside down her feet are clearly being held by thick cuffs designed for suspending a person in this way, however when a close up of her feet is shown she is supposed to be bound by some thin rough looking rope. This obviously would not have been possible to film with the actress actually hanging by such a thin rope as the weight of the human body hung by the ankles in this way would have caused injury to the actress.
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When Todd & Stuart are summoned by their pagers, they depart and enter a black Mercedes Benz C-Class. All interior shots of the two characters show them inside a BMW 7 Series. Once they arrive at their destination, they exit the Mercedes C-Class again.
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Stephanie: When are you gonna tell Josh's mother what happened?
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Todd: [after his electric saw becomes unplugged while terrorizing Whitney] That's fucking rich! You should see your fucking face!
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Pavel: [to Beth] I could have helped you.
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Why did Sasha shoot one of the Bubblegum Gang boys?
Because they were beating on Beth. Stuart paid big money for Beth, and Elite Hunting wanted to be sure she was kept in perfect condition. Had Beth gotten beaten up, her price would have gone down.The children were also going after Beth for money, without Sasha's permission. So for their punishment, he made an example out of one of them. He lined them up, saying to Slovak, "Get away, this one's mine." Sasha went down the line, looking at them one by one, as if to say "Who's it gonna be?" The kids know one of their own must die, so they sacrifice their friend. The boys turn against him and throw him to Sasha, who shoots him. Sasha exchanges looks with the leader, as if to say, "Now we're even."The kids walk away, staring, knowing one day they'll get their revenge. And they do. At the end of the film The Bubblegum Gang helps Beth to kill Axelle.
How does Lorna die?
She is captured on the lakeside and hanged upside down, naked, in a room that has a sort of ancient bathtub sitting in the center. Another naked woman sits underneath Lorna, and begins to slice her open with a scythe, causing her blood to shower down on the woman. After a few minutes, the woman uses another, smaller scythe to slash Lorna's throat. The scene is a reference to Countess Bathory, who was reputed to have bathed in the blood of her victims.
How does it end?
Beth tricks Stuart into wanting to have sex. It is then she is able to attack Stuart and tie him the the chair and forces Stuart to reveal the numbered code to open the door; the code is her birthday: 1212. Elite's staff responds and rushes into the room to find her holding a pair of scissors at Stuart's groin, threatening to cut off his genitalia. She then says that she wants to buy her way out -- she'd inherited a fortune from her mother's death and she has the money to offer them. After she learns that it's not all about the money and that no one can leave without killing, she cuts Stuart's genitalia off after he calls her a "stupid cunt" and feeds it to the dogs. She fulfills Elite's contract by leaving Stuart to bleed to death and is tattooed with the symbol of the bloodhound.We then see the Bubblegum Gang steal Axelle's purse to lead her into the woods where she's tripped by a rope, a trap set by the kids. She then sees a woman in a cloak which is revealed to be.....Beth! Beth beheads Axelle. The Bubblegum Gang play soccer with Axelle's head.
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