In the Valley of Elah
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In the Valley of Elah

121 min
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Paul Haggis
Nominated for Oscar. Another 4 wins & 12 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-09-28
Filming Locations: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Opening Weekend: $133,557 (USA) (16 September 2007)
Gross: $6,777,741 (USA) (21 February 2008)
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron
In the Valley of Elah
Jason Patric
Jason Patric
In the Valley of Elah
Tommy Lee Jones
Hank Deerfield
Susan Sarandon
Joan Deerfield
James Franco
Sgt. Dan Carnelli
Barry Corbin
Arnold Bickman
Josh Brolin
Chief Buchwald
Frances Fisher
Wes Chatham
Corporal Steve Penning
Jake McLaughlin
Spc. Gordon Bonner
Mehcad Brooks
Spc. Ennis Long
Jonathan Tucker
Mike Deerfield
Wayne Duvall
Detective Nugent
Roman Arabia
Private Robert Ortiez (as Victor Wolf)
Brent Briscoe
Detective Hodge
Greg Serano
Detective Manny Nunez (as Greg Serrano)
Brent Sexton
Lt. Burke
Devin Brochu
David Sanders
Zoe Kazan
Glenn Taranto
Detective Wayne
Jennifer Siebel Newsom
Jodie (as Jennifer Siebel)
Joseph Bertót
School Janitor (as Joseph Bertot)
Rick Gonzalez
Phone Technician (as Rick Gonzales)
Loren Haynes
Police Photographer
Babak Tafti
Iraqi Prisoner
Sean Huze
Captain Jim Osher
Jack Merrill
Medical Examiner
Kathy Lamkin
Chicken Shack Manager
David Doty
Truck Parts Salesman
Pab Schwendimann
Pussy's Bouncer
Josh Meyer
Joseph R. Millard
Arron Shiver
Jo Harvey Allen
Jo Anne
Chris Browning
Checker Box Bartender
David House
Morgue Officer
Matthew Page
Guard (as Matt Page)
Pierre Barrera
TD's Bartender
Mike Hatfield
Jo Anne's Husband
James Haggis
Soccer Ball Player
Randall Adams
New Recruit
Hans Steckly
Corporal Steckly
Arlin Alcala
Neighbor (uncredited)
James Blackburn
Cowboy (uncredited)
Steven Blacksmith
Soldier (uncredited)
Diego Deane
Military Police Officer (uncredited)
Esodie Geiger
Military Nurse (uncredited)
Karen M. Hudson
Office Detective (uncredited)
Laurie Johnson
Neighbor (uncredited)
Daniel Knight
Detective (uncredited)
William E. Marshall
Detective (uncredited)
Z. Ray Wakeman
Detective Driver (uncredited)
Brandon Weaver
Morgue Tech (uncredited)
Wil Willis
Angie's Husband (uncredited)
Did you know?
Several of the actors who played soldiers, including Wes Chatham (Corporal Steve Penning), Jake McLaughlin (Spc. Gordon Bonner) and Sean Huze (Captain Jim Osher) had actually served in the Iraq War themselves.
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Takes its title from the Bible - Elah was the valley where David met Goliath.
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According to Paul Haggis, Clint Eastwood helped get this film greenlight.
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The position of Sanders' arms and the way she is carrying the Bible change between shots as she says goodbye to Deerfield.
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Hank, a truck driver, reads an email discussing a "weigh bill." The proper term is "waybill."
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After the crime scene is handed to the army, Hank Deerfield is seen rolling out of bed, a shot of his feet landing on the carpet shows pressure imprints of socks on his ankles indicating he had just removed socks, which as he just rolled out of bed wouldn't be the case.
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Captain Jim Osher: Sir. I regret to inform you that a body was found last night. Upon investigation we believe it to be the remains of your son, Specialist Michael Deerfield.
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Det. Emily Sanders: I will arrest every soldier whose blood alcohol is 1/1000 over the legal limit. How many men do you think that will be?
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Det. Emily Sanders: David wants a slingshot now.
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What is the significance of the title?
Hank tells Emily's son the story of David and Goliath, which took place in the valley of Elah, an area 50 minutes southwest of Jerusalem. This story is a part of the tradition of the Abrahamic religions. David, a mere boy, battled the giant Goliath one-on-one. This story and the title serve as an allegory for any warzone (in this case, Iraq) where young, inexperienced American soldiers (the 'Davids') are thrown in the midst of a hostile, unpredictable and chaotic situation (which represents the 'Goliath') for which they are ill-prepared.The soldiers are given orders which clash heavily with their conscience, like having to run over people with a van if they get in front of a convoy. It causes them to become so traumatized and conflicted, that they try to cope in dubious ways, like using drugs and torturing innocent war victims. In a sense, the 'Davids' become the arrogant aggressors (the 'Goliaths') themselves.
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