Incident at Victoria Falls
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Incident at Victoria Falls

Netherlands:180 min (PAL DVD) (2 parts) | USA:88 min (compact video version) | UK:180 min (PAL DVD) (2 parts) | 188 min (NTSC DVD) (2 parts)
Adventure | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Bill Corcoran
Country: UK
Release Date: 1992-05-24
Filming Locations: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Patrick Macnee
Patrick Macnee
Incident at Victoria Falls
Christopher Lee
Sherlock Holmes
Jenny Seagrove
Lillie Langtry
Joss Ackland
King Edward
Richard Todd
Lord Roberts
Claude Akins
Theodore Roosevelt
John Indi
Steven Gurney
Gugliamo Marconi
Sunitha Singh
Anthony Fridjhon
Constantine Mavropolis
Claudia Udy
Amelia Roosevelt Morrison
Neil McCarthy
Captain James Morrison
Jay Pillay
Chandra Sen (as Pat Pillay)
Dale Cutts
Superintendent Henry Van Meer
Alan Coates
Stanley I. Bullard
Margaret John
Mrs. Hudson
Jerome Willis
Mycroft Holmes
Kessie Govendor
Ram Dhulup
Hywell Williams
Lord Milner
Kenway Baker
Inspector Lestrade
Sangeeta Jina
Uma Dhulup
Dominic Makuwachuma
Themba (as Dominic Makuvachuma)
Ron Smerczak
Lt. Grisholm (as Ron Smervzak)
Michael Brunner
Colonel Thornbury
Trevor Keeling
Hotel Manager
Patrick Cadman
Stephen Chigorimbo
Waiter on Train (as Steve Chigorimbo)
Jones Muguse
Chief Cook
Anthony Fairclough
Brian Cooper
Lawford Sutton-Price
Sergeant Fuller
Michael Parker
Maitre D'
Kala Jina
Neighbor Woman
Taffy Chihota
Desk Clerk #1 (as Tafi Chiota)
Andrew Whaley
Desk Clerk #2
Trevor Pugh
Paul Tingay
Anglican Minister
Brian McCurdy
Did you know?
Last film of Richard Todd.
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Just before the safe is opened a character Saye that "as Governor-General of the Union of South Africa" he is presenting the diamond to King Edward. Edward VII died on 2 May 1910. The Union of South Africa was not formed until 31 May 1910, until that the senior colonial officer was the Governor of the Cape Colony.
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Lestrade & Watson talk about Marconi taking a different ship because the maiden voyage of the "brand new Titanic" was delayed. But the Titanic was not launched until a year after the film is set, and not finished for a year after that.
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Amelia Roosevelt Morrison: [about her autograph book] Pablo Picaso drew me a little picture, but I couldn't make it out, so I threw it away.
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Inspector Lestrade: It appears that Signor Marconi and his wife are on holiday, on their way to America.
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Dr. John Watson: Well I never. So you had the real stone all the time, and the tieves had the fake one. Could that be true?
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Patrick Macnee