Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road
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Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road

USA:116 min
Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy
IMDB rate:
Bob Gale
2 wins & 5 nominations
Country: Canada
Release Date: 2003-09-10
Filming Locations: Cannington, Ontario, Canada
Melyssa Ade
Melyssa Ade
Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road
Matthew Edison
Paul Brogren
Wayne Robson
Tolbert (Deep Stomach)
Gary Oldman
O.W. Grant
Michael J. Fox
Mr. Baker
James Marsden
Neal Oliver
John Bourgeois
Roz Michaels
Amy Stewart
Christopher Lloyd
Jonathan Whittaker
Dr. Craig
Mark Lutz
Krista Leis
Michael Rhoades
Art Evans
John Henry Canavan
Warehouse Worker
Kedar Brown
Angela Asher
Blue Diamond (waitress)
Daniel Kash
Elmer the Bettor
Doug Lennox
Amy Jo Johnson
Rebecca Jenkins
Susan Ross
Ted Ludzik
Rave Guard
Leah Renee
Rave Girl
Tyler Kyte
Kurt Russell
Captain Ives
Liz Royer
Cleaning Woman
Chris Cooper
Bob Cody
Billy Otis
Will Work For Food
Ho Chow
Jack Gas Attendant
Jane Moffat
Art Gallery Docent
Les Porter
Male Critic #1
Rene Lemieux
Male Critic #2
Katherine Trowell
Female Critic
James Downing
Morlaw Cop
Emanuel Arruda
Lawyer 1
Phillip MacKenzie
Lawyer 2
Joe Matheson
Lawyer 3
Deborah Odell
Valerie McCabe
Duane Murray
Lawyer 4
Amy Smart
Lynn Linden
Ken Kramer
Nigel Hamer
John Watson
Ross Collins
Roadblock Cop
Chris Nickerson
Desert Gas Attendant
Benjamin Patch
Cop at Accident Site
Link Leavere
Mike Bruner
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Did you know?
The tie worn by Christopher Lloyd's character Ray, when he performs the perception test, is a 1995 Ralph Marlin Tie entitled Billiards II.
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This film marks the first time Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox have been in the same movie since Back to the Future Part III (1990) (although they did appear in an episode of Spin City (1996) together).
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According to Kurt Russell on the audio commentary on Big Trouble in Little China (1986), he said that he shot one day on this movie and it was the most dialogue he had since making "Big Trouble".
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Neal's car is a BMW e36 3-series convertible. When you see the burned-out car wreck near the end of the film, it is clearly visible that it is a e30, the older 3-series model. The wreck has no damages from the impact either.
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When Neal wakes up in the hospital, after delivering the package, he finds a playing card in a flower arrangement. As he looks at the face of the playing card, the back is clearly visible to the camera right-side-up. When he flips the card over to view the back, the back appears right-side-up to him, instead of correctly up-side-down.
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During the first car scenes on the I60, especially the ones where Laura is sitting on the passengers seat, you can more then clearly see a crew member sitting next to the car door on the passengers side just "riding along". This is so obvious that it gets pretty annoying since it happens a couple of times. In one scene you can even see him wear a red scarf.
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Neal Oliver: [voice over] I worked graveyard shift at a grocery warehouse, filling orders for the trucks to take to the various stores in the morning. I liked it for three reasons: I'd gotten the job on my own, it paid enough that I did not have to ask the old man for cash, and it annoyed Daniel that his son was even working at such a low class job.
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Neal Oliver: Okay, so if everyone who lives here is a lawyer, how do you live? I mean, who runs the grocery store? Who does your dry-cleaning? Who fixes the shitter when it breaks?
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Bob Cody: Say what you mean, mean what you say. You know that if everybody followed that rule, there'd be a lot less trouble. You know, we still have a contract, Mr. Oliver. Sure hope you're not thinking about breaking that contract.
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Is this movie for real? This is a joke, right? Am I in a coma?
Wake up! Wake up, damn you!
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Ann-Margret Melyssa Ade