Into the West
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Into the West

552 min (6 parts)
Western | Adventure | Drama
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Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 10 wins & 27 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-06-10
Filming Locations: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
Into the West
Christian Kane
Christian Kane
Into the West
Eric Schweig
Eric Schweig
Into the West
John Terry
John Terry
Into the West
Raoul Trujillo
Raoul Trujillo
Into the West
Morris Birdyellowhead
Morris Birdyellowhead
Into the West
Joseph M. Marshall
Old Indian
Irene Bedard
Margaret Light Shines Wheeler
Gil Birmingham
Older Dog Star
Ricardo Andres
Artillery Major / ... (4 episodes, 2005)
Tonantzin Carmelo
Thunder Heart Woman
Tyler Christopher
Jacob Wheeler Jr.
Rachael Leigh Cook
Clara Wheeler
Zahn McClarnon
Running Fox
Sheila Tousey
Older Thunder Heart Woman
Russell Means
Older Running Fox
Matthew Settle
Jacob Wheeler
Michael Spears
Dog Star
Skeet Ulrich
Jethro Wheeler
David Midthunder
White Crow
Tinsel Korey
Bluebird / ... (3 episodes, 2005)
Daniel Gillies
Ethan Biggs
George Leach
Loved by The Buffalo
Warren Kole
Robert Wheeler
Jonathan Scarfe
General George Armstrong Custer
Eddie Spears
Older Red Lance (2 episodes, 2005)
Tatanka Means
Crazy Horse
Sage Galesi
Margaret Light Shines
Joshua Kalef
Serge Houde
Enoch Wheeler
Maureen Thomas
Margaret Wheeler (2 episodes, 2005)
Samuel Patrick Chu
Jacob Wheeler Jr.
Benjamin Smoke
Abraham High Wolf
Summer Rae Birdyellowhead
Margaret Light Shines Wheeler, 8 yrs
William Joseph Elk III
Young White Crow
Red Lance: You... read all these books?
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Thunder Heart Woman: [after Jacob was injured by an arrow to the chest, he asks them to leave him behind] Thank you... for finding me... for saving me... and for loving me.
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Rachel Wheeler: [Jacob, ThunderHeart Woman, and Jethro are riding out to head west to Califorinia] Wait! I'm going with you! There's nothing for us here - nothing for any of us. And we can help with the children.
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Tom Berenger Jessica Capshaw Joanna Going Christian Kane Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse Eric Schweig John Terry Raoul Trujillo