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97 min
Comedy | Crime | Drama
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Mabrouk El Mechri
2 nominations
Country: Belgium
Release Date: 2008-06-04
Filming Locations: Brussels, Brussels-Capital, Belgium
Opening Weekend: $20,119 (USA) (9 November 2008)
Gross: $470,691 (USA) (18 January 2009)
Valérie Bodson
Veuve Film Budapest
Hervé Sogne
Lieutenant Smith
Rock Chen
Réalisateur asiatique
Huifang Wang
Traductrice asiatique
John Flanders
Avocat ex-Femme
Renata Kamara
Juge Tribunal Los Angeles
Mourade Zeguendi
Client Vidéo club
Vincent Lecuyer
Vendeur Vidéo Club
Jenny De Chez
Taxiwoman JCVD
Patrick Steltzer
Policier 1
Bernard Eylenbosch
Technicien Telecom
François Damiens
Pascal Lefebvre
Képi 2
Jacky Lambert
Képi 3
Norbert Rutili
Olivier Bisback
Docteur GIGN - Eric
Armelle Gysen
Journaliste 1
Karim Belkhadra
Jean-François Wolff
Michel Bouis
Otage Cigarette
Raphaëlle Lubansu
Otage 1
Claudio Dos Santos
Otage 2
Zinedine Soualem
Homme au Bonnet
Anne Paulicevich
Hyppolyte Eloy
Fils Guichetière
Alan Rossett
Leon Bernstein
Saskia Flanders
Fille JCVD
Jesse Joe Walsh
Agent JCVD
Bella Wajnberg
Dame Poste de Police
Jérôme Varanfrain
Képi Poste de Police
Caroline Donnely
Journaliste 2
Eric Boever
Journaliste 3
Liliane Becker
François Beukelaers
François De Brigode
Journaliste Plateau Télé
Gregory Jones
Paul Rockenbrod
Tobey Wood
Dean Gregory
Réalisateur Film Tobey Wood
Alice Hubball
Assistante Tobey Wood
Steve Preston
Accessoiriste Film JCVD
Janine Horsburgh
Assistante JCVD
Isabelle de Hertogh
Manager Magasin de Jouets
Ingrid Heiderscheidt
Mère Gamin Magasin de Jouets
Fjoralba Cuni
Serveuse Boite de Nuit
Massimo Brancatelli
Gardien de prison (uncredited)
Alan Delabie
Policier (uncredited)
Kim Hermans
Prisoner in kickboxing outfit (uncredited)
Leslie Woodhall
Prison visitor (uncredited)
Did you know?
In the opening intro scene, Jean-Claude Van Damme's comment about not being able to film in one shot was his own ad-lib, partly in response to Mabrouk El Mechri actually wanting to shoot the scene in one shot.
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Mabrouk El Mechri didn't write much dialog for Van Damme, as he did not want Van Damme to be limited by the words, as he has 'his own music'.
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The whole scene in the taxi is completely improvised. Mabrouk El Mechri told Jean-Claude Van Damme to just be nice to the driver no matter what she said.
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In the court room the attorney says, "How does this actor play Death? Let me count the ways: mangled under the wheels of a truck, strangulation, fracturing the skull, taking out the tibula..." There is no anatomic structure named tibula. The lower leg is made of two bones, the tibia and fibula. It is a common mistake of people who do not know anatomy to say tibula.
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Towards the end of the movie, after JCVD is taken into custody and Bruges talks to the SWAT's chief, as the camera moves up we can see on the ground the shadow of a microphone.
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When the two guys talk about movies in the Video-store the one claims that Stallone fought against Arabs in "Rambo 3". But actually in "Rambo 3" John Rambo was fighting FOR Afghans Muslims in Afghanistan and against the "bad" Russian troops.
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J.C.V.D.: This movie is for me. There we are, you and me. Why did you do that? Or why did I do that? You made my dream come true. I asked for it. I promised you something in return and I haven't delivered yet. You win, I lose. Unless... the path you've set for me is full of hurdles where the answer comes before the question. Yeah I do that. Now I know why. It's the cure, from what I've seen here. It all makes sense. It makes sense to those who understand. So... America, poverty, stealing to eat... stalking producers, actors, 'movie stars', going to clubs hoping to see a star, with my pictures, karate magazines. It's all I had. I didn't speak English. But I did 20 years of karate. 'Cause before I wasn't like that
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Jean-Claude Van Damme