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30 min (895 episodes)
Family | Fantasy | Music
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David F. Chen
Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys. Another 5 wins & 60 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1968-02-19
Filming Locations: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Fred Rogers
King Friday XIII
Betty Aberlin
Lady Aberlin
David Newell
Mr. McFeely
Did you know?
In Episode #1101, Mr. Rogers buries one of his dead fish. Though it was not aired on TV after 31 July 1989, it did get released on videocassette.
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Harriet Elizabeth Cow first appeared in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe in Episode #1274, from 1973. She was named after a cow named Harriet that Mrs. McFeely had in the real neighborhood. That episode, and #1276 from the following week, were adapted into a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood book called "No One Can Ever Take Your Place," which was published in 1988.
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The little models of the Neighborhood of Make Believe buildings often used to begin the Make Believe segments were built by Robert Trow, who made and gave them to Mr. Rogers during the first week of episodes that began the 3rd season in 1970. Each day Mr. Rogers got a new model. He received the clock and the castle in #1066, the tree in No. 1067, the Museum-Go-Round in No. 1068, the Platypus Mound in No. 1069 and Corny's factory in No. 1070. However the Eiffel Tower (which was very rarely used) was not received until No. 1080.
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In "Discipline, #1494" the cameraman's shadow is visible on Mr. Rogers as he's talking with Peggy Flemming.
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In the 1979-1981 episodes when Mr. Rogers takes his sweater and closes the closet door, he'd often close it too fast so it came open a ways, but then the closet door begins to close on it's own, as if someone were behind the door pulling it closed.
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In "Discipline, #1494" some of the black back drop inside X's tree gets caught on X's wing as he comes out, so the piece of back drop hangs out the knot hole for some time.
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Mr. McFeely: Speedy delivery!
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Mr. Rogers: [singing] You can make believe it happens, or pretend that something's true / You can wish or hope or contemplate a thing you'd like to do / But until you start to do it, you will never see it through / 'Cause the make believe pretending just won't do it for you. You've... Got... To... Do it. Every little bit/ You've got to do it / Do it. Do it. Do it. / And when you're through / You can know who did it / For you did it. You did it. You did it. / If you want to ride a bicycle and ride it straight and tall / You can't simply sit and look at it / 'Cause it won't move at all / But it's you who have to try it, and it's you who have to fall, sometimes / If you want to ride a bicycle and ride it straight and tall, you've... Got... To do it / Every little bit / You've got to do it / Do it. Do it. Do it. And when you're through / You can know who did it / For you did it. You did it. You did it. YOU did it.
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Cornflake S. Pecially: I'm a man who manufactures / Who manufactures chairs / I'm a man who manufactures chairs and every wares / I'm a man who manufactures.
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Was there really a week that dealt with bombs and war?
Yes. The week in question is "Conflict" (1521-1525). Of the 305 episodes produced from 1979 to 2001, this is the only week to no longer air, nor is it available for purchase on DVD or digital download. It last aired during the week of April 1-5, 1996. No official explanation was given for why it stopped airing or why it isn't available for purchase, but it's likely due to its strong subject matter of war. In it, King Friday discovers a strange piece that Corny is making for Southwood, and soon comes to the conclusion that they're building bombs, and thus commissions that bombs be built for the Neighborhood of Make Believe, just in case. It turns out the whole thing was a grievous misunderstanding, as the pieces were going to build a bridge. It's undoubtedly the darkest story on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, which could be the reason why it was pulled from circulation.
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