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Please Sir!

100 min
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Mark Stuart
Country: UK
Filming Locations: Black Park Country Park, Wexham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
John Alderton
John Alderton
Please Sir!
Deryck Guyler
Norman Potter
Noel Howlett
Mr. Cromwell
Joan Sanderson
Doris Ewell
Richard Davies
Mr. Price
Erik Chitty
Mr. Smith
Patsy Rowlands
Angela Cutforth
Peter Cleall
Eric Duffy
Carol Hawkins
Sharon Eversleigh
Liz Gebhardt
Maureen Bullock
David Barry
Frankie Abbott
Peter Denyer
Dennis Dunstable
Malcolm McFee
Peter Craven
Aziz Resham
Brinsley Forde
Jill Kerman
Penny Wheeler
Norman Bird
Barbara Mitchell
Mrs. Abbott
Peter Bayliss
Mr. Dunstable
Eve Pearce
Mrs. Dunstable
Jack Smethurst
Bus Driver
Daphne Heard
Old Gypsy Lady
Nicholas Locise
Nobbler (as Nicky Locise)
Brenda Cowling
Mrs. Duffy
Richard Everett
Hayden Evans
Fred Beauman
Gypsy (as Frederick Beauman)
Graham Angell
Gregory Scott
Jenny Irvine
George Georghiou
Tony Allen
Irate Driver in Hillman Imp (uncredited)
Richard Calder
Pupil (uncredited)
Todd Carty
Boy in Assembly Wishing to Be Excused (uncredited)
Kevin Hudson
Pupil (uncredited)
Did you know?
Malcolm McFee wears a wig as Craven, as his real hair was considered too short (he had recently been filming Oh! What a Lovely War (1969)) to suit the character.
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Patsy Rowlands's besotted art/domestic science teacher Miss Cutforth does not feature in the parent TV series.
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5C's classroom blackboard contains various topical references: "Hendrix Lives!" alludes to the then-recent death of rock star Jimi Hendrix in September 1970; "Keep our milk" and "Hands off our milk!" refers to Tory Government Secretary of State for Education and Science Margaret Thatcher's unpopular spending-cut abolition of free school milk toward the close of the same year; the Gunners are Arsenal Football Club.
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Maureen's blouse is fully done up just before she enter's Eric's house then in the next shot it's undone.
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The plan is to send 35 pupils to the summer camp. These would fit on one bus, but on the day of departure two buses are used, and an enormous number of kids appear to be going.
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The washing-up bubbles on Frankie's face changes position several times.
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Eric Duffy: All right, the experiment has worked with us, but we're just kids. I still maintain we can get more significant results with a mature, intelligent, adult.
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Mr Smith: The heady wine of youth, eh Price?
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Bernard Hedges: I just don't understand you, Price. I look upon the first day of term as one of the peaks of my career.
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John Alderton