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86 min
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John Waters
Country: USA
Release Date: 1981-05-29
Filming Locations: Greenmount Avenue at 33rd Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Francine Fishpaw
Tab Hunter
Todd Tomorrow
Edith Massey
Cuddles Kovinsky
David Samson
Elmer Fishpaw
Mary Garlington
Lu-Lu Fishpaw
Ken King
Dexter Fishpaw
Mink Stole
Sandra Sullivan
Joni Ruth White
La Rue
Hans Kramm
Stiv Bators
Bo-Bo Belsinger
Rick Breitenfeld
Dr. Quackenshaw
Michael Watson
Freddy Ashton
Derek Neal
Jean Hill
Gospel Bus Hijacker
Jim Hill
Picket Reporter
John Brothers
TV News Announcer
Mary Vivian Pearce
Nun A
Sharon Niesp
Nun B
Cookie Mueller
Betty Lalinski
Marina Melin
Supermarket Victim
Susan Lowe
Mall Victim
Tom Diventi
Bo-Bo's Friend
George Hulse
School Principal
Tony Parkham
Teenage Witness
Paul Holland
Pizza Man Lover
Alberto Panella
Pizza Man 2
Frank Tamburo
Pizza Man 3
Nancy Morgan
Alcoholic Leader
Keats Smith
Boutique Saleslady
Gordon Kamka
Detective A
David Klein
Detective B
George Stover
Press A
Steve Yeager
Press B
Marv Egoff
Press C
John De La Vega
Press D
Chuck Yeaton
Hospital Reporter
George Udell
Jewish Man
Mrs. Horner
Oriential Woman
Katie Casey
Gail Kondylas
Pregnant Girl
Judith Klein
Woman Clipping Nails
Alan Hauser
Deb Announcer
Garey Lambert
Abortion Picket
Lynda Lambert
Abortion Picket
Dorothy Braudy
Abortion Picket
George Figgs
Abortion Picket
Leo Braudy
Abortion Picket
Pat Figgs
Abortion Picket
Joan Insley
Abortion Picket
Sam Insley
Abortion Picket
Brook Yeaton
Porno Picket
Kitty Samson
Porno Picket
Stuart Rome
Porno Picket
Paula Rome
Porno Picket
Steve Waters
Porno Picket
Treva Barnes
Porno Picket
Sharon Waters
Porno Picket
Anne Mallory
Porno Picket
John Allen
Porno Picket
Jay Allen
Porno Picket
Tommy Allen
Porno Picket
Hilary Aidus
Porno Picket
Joan Erbe
Porno Picket
Jay Bennett
Bus passenger (uncredited)
Rocky Collins
Bus passenger (uncredited)
Denny Dormody
Man leaving Charles Theatre (uncredited)
Bernard Jay
Doorman at the Edmondson (uncredited)
Jay Leno
Journalist on TV News (uncredited)
Karl Otter
TV Reporter at Movie Theatre (uncredited)
Charles Roggero
Bus passenger (uncredited)
Marla Aaron Wapner
Pregnant Teen (uncredited)
Did you know?
First of two star teamings of actors Divine and Tab Hunter. The second would be about four years later with Paul Bartel's Lust in the Dust (1985). The two also appeared in 1988's Out of the Dark (1988) which was the final of three films the two both worked on.
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Todd Tomorrow (Tab Hunter) takes Francine Fishpaw (Divine) to an "intellectual" drive-in theatre that is showing three Marguerite Duras movies. The drive-in marquee reads: "Dusk To Dawn - 3 Marguerite Duras Hits - The Truck - India Song - Destroy, She Said". [See: The Lorry (1977), India Song (1975) and Détruire dit-elle (1969)].
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There was a scene that was cut during production where Dexter relapsed after returning from prison and shaved off an eyebrow. This explains why he has both eyebrows upon returning home and towards the end of the film.
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When Dexter's principal calls Francine, Francine starts acting as if he's hung up on her before he's even said goodbye.
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In the opening scene in the living room, as the Fishpaws are arguing, a boom mic is visible. This was corrected for later DVD releases.
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School Principal: Is Dexter ill today?
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Cuddles Kovinsky: God, I wish I lived in Connecticut!
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Francine Fishpaw: Oh Elmer, that dog stinks to high heaven. You'll be permeated by his odor.
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Where should I use the Odorama card?
The card was to be used when a number appeared on screen. These numbers where taken off VHS and DVD versions of the film. The timing was as following:1. with Roses2. at 0:18:46 with Flatulence3. at 0:33:54 with Model Airplane Glue4. at 0:40:33 with Pizza5. at 0:43:06 with Gasoline6. at 0:57:28 with Skunk7. at 1:00:06 with Natural Gas8. at 1:05:49 with New Car Smell9. at 1:18:39 with Dirty Shoes10. at 1:22:31 with Air Freshenereach extenging up to 15 seconds. This is timed in a version where there is a Oderama introduction. Where it is omited two minutes and fourty five seconds need to be calculated off to get the correct timing. It should also be noted that this is a PAL version, any NTSC version might have different timing.
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