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Super Mario Bros. 2

Action | Adventure | Family | Fantasy
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Country: Japan
Did you know?
This is the only Super Mario game where the King of the Koopas, Bowser, did not appear.
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The original Beta version of the game featured a remix of the Super Mario underground theme in the underworld level that increased in tempo as the level progressed. The version released to the public used a slowed-down remix of the Doki Doki Panic underworld theme.
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The game was not originally a Mario game (see the entry above), yet many of the foes in this game later became regulars in the Mario series (Shy Guys being the best example.) Wart/Mamu, the main villain from this game, later made a cameo in The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening, as a musician.
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During the character credits, Ostro and Birdo's name's are switched, leaving Ostro's picture labeled "Birdo" and Birdo's picture labeled "Ostro." The game's instruction manual also contains this error.
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