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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

90 min (theatrical version) | Finland:93 min (1987)
Action | Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
Sidney J. Furie
1 win & 4 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1987-07-24
Filming Locations: Aldwych Underground Station, Aldwych, Holborn, London, England, UK
Budget: $17,000,000
Gross: $15,681,020 (USA) Admissions 1,233,223 (Spain)
Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Christopher Reeve
Gene Hackman
Lex Luthor
Jackie Cooper
Perry White
Marc McClure
Jimmy Olsen
Jon Cryer
Sam Wanamaker
David Warfield
Mark Pillow
Nuclear Man
Mariel Hemingway
Lacy Warfield
Damian McLawhorn
William Hootkins
Harry Howler
Jim Broadbent
Jean Pierre Dubois
Stanley Lebor
General Romoff
Don Fellows
Levon Hornsby
Robert Beatty
U.S. President
Bradley Lavelle
Tall Marshall
Mac McDonald
Marshall #2
Czeslaw Grocholski
Russian General #1
Steve Plytas
Russian General #2
John Hollis
Russian General #3
Bob Sherman
Pentagon Senator
Eiji Kusuhara
Japanese U.N. Guard
Yuri Borienko
Russian General at Red Square
Boris Isarov
Cosmonaut Captain
Dorota Zieciowska
Cosmonaut (as Dorota Zienska)
Jirí Stanislav
Jayne Brook
JFK High School Teacher
Ron Travis
Matthew Freeman
Indira Joshi
U.N. Secretary General
Douglas W. Iles
Chief of Staff
Ted Maynard
Army Chief
Raymond Marlowe
Navy Chief
John Cagon
Malcolm Bullivant
Swedish U.N. Guard
Mark Caven
Boystown Priest
Diana Hunter
Museum Tour Guide
Nicholas Colicos
Paul at Metro Sports Club
Keith Edwards
Fort Mason Technician
David Garth
1st Elder
Esmond Knight
2nd Elder
Eugene Lipinski
Cosmonaut Space Walker
Dennis Creaghan
Bill Compton
Philip Fox
Husband at Great Wall of China
Jimmy Fung
Chinese Official at Great Wall of China
Guinevere John
Tourist at Great Wall of China
Peter Penry-Jones
Tourist at Great Wall of China
Witold Scheybal
Russian Premiere
Rex Robinson
Subway Engineer
Kerry Shale
MBC Newscaster
Susannah York
Clive Mantle
Nuclear Man #2
Max Bracey
Baby Superman (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Peter Diamond
S.W.A.T. team member with melting gun (uncredited)
Christine Hewett
Woman Running for Bomb (uncredited)
Derek Lyons
Russian Guard (uncredited)
Kingsley Pilgrim
School kid (uncredited)
Did you know?
Nuclear Man was an updated version of Atom Man, a villain that first appeared on the Superman radio show, and was adapted for the serial "Atom Man Vs Superman".
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When Nuclear Man was being developed, Christopher Reeve was approached to play that part as Superman's polar opposite, or a darker version of Bizarro.
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Christopher Reeve publicly regretted his involvement in the film. He stated, "Superman IV was a catastrophe from start to finish. That failure was a huge blow to my career."
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When Superman flies the Statue of Liberty back to its base, part of the statue's tablet behind Superman's head is distorted, a possible attempt to cover up flying rigging.
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Lex Luthor's hideout is supposed to be at the top of the "Metropolis State Building" (stated in the deleted scene of the creation of the 1st Nuclear Man, in the Special Features section of the DVD). When Nuclear Man crashes through the floor to find Lacy Warfield, not only are he and Superman supposed to be in a different building (the canopy outside says "Metropolis Tower"), but the room is clearly the set for Lex Luthor's lair.
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During Nuclear Man and Superman's first fight in space, a platform appears under their feet.
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Lenny: You know what this means, Uncle Lex?
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Lex Luthor: [introduces Nuclear Man to Superman] Look closely at the cell structure. You see anything familiar?
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Lex Luthor: Lenny, I've always considered you the Dutch Elm disease in my family tree.
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Why Was Nuclear Man After Lacey?
An explanation was given in the script, though this motivation never made it into the film:371 THE NUCLEAR MANHis genetic memory kicks in. This is the woman he fell in love with at the disco. His entire demeanor changes as bold desire courses through him. Again, his eyes glow red. He reaches out gently to touch LACY'S photo. The paper flares into flames.
Why does Lex Luthor surround himself with idiots?
The Lex Luthor portrayed by Gene Hackman is not exactly the same Lex Luthor from the comics. Gene's Lex Luthor is really a caricature similar to an evil/eccentric Donald Trump. He surely surrounds himself with idiots only to accentuate his intellegence and boost his ego.
What are the differences between the common DVD/BD-Version and the German VHS Version?
Despite the fact that 40 minutes of footage were cut out before the movie was released, there still exist two different versions of the movie. In the US version, two scenes were not shown that are included on the German VHS release. However, all later DVD and Blu-ray releases used the shorter US Master, thus the two scenes are missing as well. According to IMDB the longer version is a special TV version which was made for American TV channels. This wouldn't be an unusual thing, since several movies had a longer TV version so that the channels could air more commercials. The two scenes that used to be in the German version are also included in the deleted scenes section of the DVD. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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