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97 min | USA:104 min (extended version)
Action | Comedy | Crime | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Tim Story
2 wins & 6 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2004-10-06
Filming Locations: 23rd St. & Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Budget: $25,000,000
Opening Weekend: $12,029,832 (USA) (10 October 2004)
Gross: $36,609,966 (USA) (20 February 2005)
Queen Latifah
Isabelle 'Belle' Williams
Jimmy Fallon
Andrew 'Andy' Washburn
Henry Simmons
Jennifer Esposito
Lt. Marta Robbins
Gisele Bündchen
Ingrid Vandebosch
Third Robber
Magali Amadei
Fourth Robber
Boris McGiver
Adrian Martinez
Brasilian Man
Joe Lisi
Mr. Scalia
Bryna Weiss
Mrs. Scalia
Stopwatch Messenger
Joey Diaz
Freddy (as Joey 'CoCo' Diaz)
Rick Overton
Man at Taxi Convention
John Rothman
Business Man
Mike Santana
Young Dealer
Herman Chavez
Undercover Domino Player (as Herman Chaves)
Lou Torres
Sweaty Dealer
Sixto Ramos
Twitchy Dealer
Mario Roberts
Third Dealer
Jamie Mahoney
Amanda Anka
John Duerler
Uniformed Cop
Patton Oswalt
Clerk at Inpound Office
I.N. Sierros
Fat Cop (as John Sierros)
Earl Schuman
Old Janitor
William Cote
Cop #1 at Airport (as Will Cote)
Riley G. Matthews Jr.
Cop #2 at Airport
Adam LeFevre
Big Cop
Kevin Carolan
Cop at Bank #3
Edward Conna
Lou's Garage Cop
Victor Isaac
Messenger #1
Ramon Fernandez
Messenger #2
John Krasinski
Messenger #3
Jay Spadaro
Bodega Owner
Shirell Ferguson-Coleman
Nurse (as Shirell Ferguson)
Nashawn Kearse
Cop in Harlem
Alli Danziger
Girl at Bank
Tanner Schwartz
Bank Hostage
Chris Brandt
Jeff Gordon Pit Crew (uncredited)
Gelbert Coloma
Thai Detective
Dita de Leon
Detective (uncredited)
Jeff Gordon
Himself (uncredited)
Frank Hopf
Uniformed Cop (uncredited)
Vivian Kalinov
Airline Passenger at JFK (uncredited)
Mark Kubr
Drug Man (uncredited)
Jonathan Latroy
Belle Pit Crew (uncredited)
LeeAnn Powers
DMV clerk (uncredited)
Marty Eli Schwartz
Cop at Roadblock (uncredited)
Heather Sullivan
Bank Employee (uncredited)
Jessica Verdi
Macy's Shopper (uncredited)
Did you know?
WILHELM SCREAM: When the red BMW drives down the sidewalk.
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Ingrid Vandebosch, one of the female robbers in this film, is married to Jeff Gordon, who has an uncredited cameo in this film.
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Kevin Bray was originally set to direct, but dropped out.
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Right before Washburn exits the bus and puts on the fake mustache, there is a tall short-haired blonde woman in an army green jacket walking with a large bag. In the next shot from above, she does not appear to have this bag as she goes around the corner.
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When the two silver convertibles are racing alongside the taxi on the freeway, the car on the driver side has its rear windows up in one shot but not in others.
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The helicopter pilot says the thieves are cutting through "Grand Central Station", instead of its correct name Grand Central Terminal.
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Washburn: Mi Castro, su Castro.
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Washburn's Mom: Andy is not a really a strong driver. See, he had a really bad experience when he had his first driving lesson. So...
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Washburn: [pulls out his badge] See this? This is a badge! It means your not allowed to *scream* at me!
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