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The D.I.

106 min
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Jack Webb
Country: USA
Release Date: 1958-03-28
Filming Locations: Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, Oceanside, California, USA
Jack Webb
Gunnery Sgt. Jim Moore
Don Dubbins
Pvt. Owens
Jackie Loughery
Lin McCarthy
Capt. T.L. Anderson
Monica Lewis
Burt (as Matt Davis)
Virginia Gregg
Mrs. Charles D. Owens
Jeannie Beacham
Lou Tobin
Bartender at Cotton Club
Earle Hodgins
Jeanne Baird
Mother at Woman's Store
Barbara Pepper
Woman Customer
Melody Gale
Little Girl at Woman's Store
John T. Ahern
Pvt. Casto (uncredited)
John R. Brown
S / Sgt O'Neil (uncredited)
George D. Bryan
Pfc. Hayes (uncredited)
Michael K. Gebbia
States (uncredited)
Charles M. Golden
Pvt. Labarsky (uncredited)
Joseph C. Holmes
Pvt. Madison (uncredited)
Drill Instructor Sergeant (uncredited)
Richard Kiel
Ugly Marine (uncredited)
Louis R. Lazarko
Sgt. Louis R. Lazarko (uncredited)
Charles A. Love
Pvt. Hillbilly (uncredited)
Thomas Martin
Club Waiter (uncredited)
Peter J. O'Neill
Pvt. Rodriguez (uncredited)
George Oliviere
Cpl. Masters (uncredited)
Paul E. Prutzman
Sgt. Braver (uncredited)
Thomas E. Richards
Cpl. Duprey (uncredited)
Dick Ryan
Waiter (uncredited)
Gordon L. Seiple
Pvt. Carver (uncredited)
William E. Smith
Pvt. Douglas McKinley (uncredited)
Bert Stevens
Club Doorman (uncredited)
George W. Thornton II
George W. Thornton II (uncredited)
Patton A. Wasson
Sgt. Zannoth (uncredited)
James C. Willma
Cpl. Johnson (uncredited)
Douglas E. Wilson
Pvt. Franklin (uncredited)
Laurence C. Windsor Jr.
Pvt. Severeign (uncredited)
Did you know?
Many real-life Marines are extras in the movie.
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The ribbons Jack Webb wears on his dress uniform are from top to bottom and left to right are: First Row: Navy Cross; Second Row: Navy Commendation, Bronze Star, Navy Presidential Unit Citation; Third Row: Purple Heart, Good Conduct, China Service; Fourth Row: American Defense Service, American Campaign, Asiatic Pacific Campaign; Fifth Row: Victory Medal World War II, World War II Occupation, National Defense; Sixth Row: Korean Service, United Nations Korean Service, Korean Presidential Unit Citation.
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Jack Webb as Drill Sergeant Jim Moore was shown in opening credits as a Tech Sergeant, a rank that no longer exists. He wears insignia of what is a modern day Gunnery Sergeant. Technical sergeant was a rank in the United States Marine Corps until 1958. From 1941 until 1946, the rank was equivalent to grade 2, ranking with gunnery sergeant and other technical ranks with which it shared its insignia. From 1947 until 1958, the rank was reclassified as E-6 and became the sole rank in this grade. The rank was renamed gunnery sergeant and elevated to E-7 after the reorganization of grades in 1959.
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In the middle of the movie, Jack Webb is wearing dress Alpha uniform with 4 service stripes (hash marks), which indicates more than 16 but less than 20 years of service. Near the end of the movie, he is in his blues with 3 hash marks, indicating between over 12 but less than 16 years of service.
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Movie opens with wrongly punctuated close-up of a Marine plaque with the phrase "Let's be damned sure that no man's ghost will ever say - "If your training program had only done it's job." Correct punctuation is "its".
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After the Captain signs Pvt. Owens general discharge paper and as they leave the office to go meet Owens Mother, they zoom in on the paper and the top two corners are very ruffled. Once they return and the Captain picks the discharge paper back up and the camera zooms in, the top two corners are in perfect condition.
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TSgt Moore: [shouting] If your brains were made of dynamite you couldn't blow your nose!
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TSgt Moore: Why don't you take a long walk on a short pier?
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TSgt Moore: Out on that drill field yesterday, you people were miserable. You people ain't even a mob. A mob's got a leader. You people are a herd. I'm gonna get me a sheep dog!
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The Warner Bros. hit film, The D. I., had a holiday World opening in Chicago:Chicago Tribune, Thursday, May 30, 1957:TOWER TICKERby Herb LyonThat Toddlin' Town [Or Name Dropper at Work]: Jack Webb, exhausted from pitching his movie, "The D. I.," canceling a run to Detroit to rest up here---before heading home to Hollywood Sunday. And doing the smooch bit all over town with his leading lady, Jackie Loughery. [It's gotta be love, luff, luv]. . . . "An ad in the same paper proclaims: "TODAY, 8:30 a.m., Come On, Everybody, celebrate the holiday with a World Premiere show of shows! . . . Jack Webb . . . "The D. I." . . . The first story of that rugged breed they call the drill instructor . . . Extra---ALL SHOWS---Today Only, IN PERSON! Jack Webb, Jackie Loughery on stage with Howard Miller, all performances . . . "
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