The Desert Song
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The Desert Song

110 min
Musical | Romance
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H. Bruce Humberstone
Country: USA
Release Date: 1953-05-30
Filming Locations: Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
Allyn Ann McLerie
Allyn Ann McLerie
The Desert Song
Kathryn Grayson
Margot Birabeau
Gordon MacRae
El Khobar
Steve Cochran
Captain Claude Fontaine
Raymond Massey
Sheik Yousseff
Dick Wesson
Benjamin 'Benjy' Kidd
Ray Collins
Gen. Birabeau
Paul Picerni
Frank DeKova
William Conrad
Trevor Bardette
Mark Dana
Lt. Duvalle
Rico Alaniz
Legionnaire (uncredited)
Ben Astar
Sheik (uncredited)
Peter Brocco
Old Refugee (uncredited)
Larry Chance
Scarface (uncredited)
Tom Coleman
Legionnaire (uncredited)
Joey Costarello
Arab Boy (uncredited)
Robert Dane
French Pilot (uncredited)
Harold Dyrenforth
Legionnaire (uncredited)
Paul Fierro
Riff Guard (uncredited)
John George
Townsman in Square (uncredited)
Tom Hernández
Legionnaire (uncredited)
Robert Hunter
Legionnaire (uncredited)
Louis Lettieri
Neo, Small Boy (uncredited)
Maurice Marsac
Sentry (uncredited)
Jack Reitzen
Sheik (uncredited)
George Sawaya
Riff Guard (uncredited)
Sam Scar
Sheik (uncredited)
Bhogwan Singh
Old Villager (uncredited)
Julian Upton
Berber (uncredited)
Harry J. Vejar
Sheik (uncredited)
Did you know?
The Desert Song and the Cold War: The original refrain for The Riff Song includes the lines: "Ho!/That's the sound that comes to warn you/So!/In the night or early morn, you know/If you're The Red Shadow's foe/The Riffs will strike with a blow/That brings you woe!" In this remake, filmed in the early Fifties at the height of the Cold War and McCarthyism, the "Red Shadow" sounded uncomfortably like the Soviet and Chinese communists, so the lyrics were changed to "If you're El Khobar's foe". When Gordon MacRae re-recorded the songs for the record album featuring Dorothy Kirsten as Margot, the original lyrics were restored.
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The movie was shot at the Algodones Dunes near El Centro, California. The Sheik's palace, always seen at a distance, was a matte painting. The scenes of the entrance, walls, garden, etc. of the palace were shot on a sound stage.
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The Desert Song opened at the Casino Theatre on November 30, 1926 and ran for 471 performances.
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When Margot Birabeau (Kathryn Grayson) is singing "One Flower in Your Garden" she reaches over to a rose bush and removes a long-stemmed rose with no effort instead of having to cut it free. She then handles the stem without being pricked by the thorns, revealing that the rose is artificial.
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When the desert messengers are sending the message with their flutes, the fingering doesn't match the tones being played at all.
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Azuri: It's you - the one with the face!
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Photos from cast
Allyn Ann McLerie