The Incredible Hulk Returns
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The Incredible Hulk Returns

100 min
Action | Drama | Adventure | Sci-Fi
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Nicholas Corea
Country: USA
Release Date: 1988-05-22
Filming Locations: Spelling Television Inc. - 5700 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA
Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno
The Incredible Hulk Returns
Bill Bixby
David Banner
Jack Colvin
Jack McGee
Lee Purcell
Maggie Shaw
Charles Napier
Mike Fouche
John Gabriel
Joshua Lambert
Jay Baker
Zack Lambert
Tim Thomerson
Jack LeBeau
Eric Allan Kramer
Steve Levitt
Donald Blake
William Riley
Sgt. Lindsey
Tom Finnegan
Capt. Brills
Donald Willis
Carl Ciarfalio
Barner (as Carl Nick Ciafalio)
Bobby McLaughlin
Roarke (as Bobby Travis McLaughlin)
Burke Denis
Nick Costa
Peisha Arten
Girl in Party (as Peisha McPhee)
William Malone
Joan Douglas
Reporter (as Joanie Allen)
John Novak
Did you know?
Thor went on to become the hero of his own film (Thor (2011)), and was then re-teamed with The Incredible Hulk as a member of The Avengers (2012). Lou Ferrigno would voice the Hulk in the latter film as well.
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This film presents Dr. Donald Blake and Thor as two separate characters. In the comics Thor is in fact Blake's alter ego, which he transforms into by means of the hammer.
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Jack Colvin makes his last appearance as Jack McGee, as did not return in either of the next two Hulk TV movies.
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In the fight on the beach when Thor and Hulk fight the goons from the copter, the green make-up on the Hulk's face is noticeably lighter than that used on his body.
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When the thugs attack Banner at the lab right before the 2nd hulk out Mike screams at Roy the Banner grabs Mike's arm causing him to shoot one of his thugs in the chest but within a few seconds you see the thug who was shot uninjured.
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When Blake revels himself to David at first he said he meet him ten years ago as the guest genius and that David had a beard but 10 years prior to the events here David had no beard and he was already the Hulk.
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Doctor David Banner: [answering the phone] Main lab.
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Sgt. Lindsey: Dr. Shaw is head of Biogenetics at the Joshua Lambert Institute. Jack McGee: Isn't that where witnesses reported seeing a green monster of some kind?
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Thor: Thank you, Odin.
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Lou Ferrigno
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