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The Interpreter

128 min
Mystery | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Sydney Pollack
4 wins & 1 nomination
Country: UK
Release Date: 2005-04-22
Filming Locations: Praça de Touros Monumental, Maputo, Mozambique
Budget: $80,000,000
Opening Weekend: $22,822,455 (USA) (24 April 2005)
Gross: $72,515,360 (USA) (24 July 2005)
Nicole Kidman
Silvia Broome
Sean Penn
Tobin Keller
Catherine Keener
Dot Woods
Jesper Christensen
Nils Lud
Yvan Attal
Earl Cameron
George Harris
Michael Wright
Clyde Kusatsu
Police Chief Lee Wu
Eric Keenleyside
Rory Robb
Maz Jobrani
Yusuf Gatewood
Curtiss Cook
Ajene Xola (as Curtiss I'Cook)
Byron Utley
Jean Gamba
Robert Clohessy
FBI Agent King
Terry Serpico
FBI Agent Lewis
David Fonteno
Phillip Ostroff
John Knox
Fred Jameson
David Zayas
Charlie Russell
Lynne Deragon
American Ambassador Davis
Christopher Evan Welch
Jonathan Williams
Manuel Mawele
African Boy
Dino Mulima
African Boy
African Boy
Adrian Martinez
Tsai Chin
Francine Roussel
Enid Graham
Lou Ferguson
Matoban Ambassador
Okwui Okpokwasili
Tour Guide
Vladimir Bibic
G.A. President
Jacques Sebag
French Ambassador
Pietro Gonzales
Chilean Ambassador
Patrick Ssenjovu
Jad Jamal
Michael McGrath
Jonathan Ferris (as Michael Patrick McGrath)
Paul De Sousa
Portuguese Janitor
Chris McKinney
Forensic Officer
Martha Elliott
Woman on Bus
James Harrison
U.N. Security Officer (as Jim Ward)
Trevor Archer
U.N. Security Officer
Ricardo Walker
U.N. Security Officer
Harry O'Reilly
U.N. Security Officer
Guy A. Fortt
UN Security Officer (as Guy Fortt)
Ramsey Faragallah
Polygraph Technician
John Di Benedetto
Bridget L. Doerksen
Aviana Marie
Stripper (as Ana Maria Lupo)
Nelson Landrieu
Spanish Speaking Interpreter
Leonid Citer
Russian Interpreter
Satish Joshi
Secretary General
Sophie Traub
Young Silvia
Monty Ashton-Lewis
Young Simon
Pat Kiernan
Margot Staub
News Reporter
Harry Prichett
News Reporter
Ed Onipede Blunt
News Reporter
Diane Winter
British Airways Ticket Agent
Brevard Hudson
Lisa Marie Palmieri
UN VIP Delegate
Sherae Adams
Ambassador of Surname (uncredited)
Ernest Alexis
United Nations Protester (uncredited)
James P. Anderson
Yugoslavian Delegate (uncredited)
Michael Arthur
United Nations Cop (uncredited)
Timothy Auld
U.N. Security Officer (uncredited)
Anthony M. Bertram
Congressman (uncredited)
Gerry Robert Byrne
U.N. Tourist (uncredited)
Wayne Chang
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Johnson Chong
Chinese Delegate (uncredited)
Greg D'Agostino
U.N. Security Officer (uncredited)
Andrew Dawson
UN Secret Service (uncredited)
Mike Dobbins
U.N. Protestor (uncredited)
Joe Dolinsky
Peruvian Diplomat (uncredited)
Dana Eskelson
Secret Service Agent #1 (uncredited)
Marshall Factora
Prime Minister at Strip Club (uncredited)
Tony Galtieri
United Nations Delegate
Edwin David Garcia
Papua New Guinea Delegate (uncredited)
Chuck Gerena
Secret Service Agent - motorcade (uncredited)
Eli Harris
Secretary of Staff (uncredited)
Sandi Higgins
French Delegate (uncredited)
Roland Webb III
Camera Man #6 (uncredited)
Diane Ingino
U.N. Delegate - Republic of San Marino
Julie Jei
Japanese Ambassador (uncredited)
Jossara Jinaro
Voice (voice) (uncredited)
Christopher Jude
Tourist / Protester (uncredited)
Tanda Kerín
U.N. Staff (uncredited)
Cook (uncredited)
Shawn Luckey
U.N. Delegate
Arthur Lupetti
United Nations Delegate
Todd Malta
Sgt. Luper (uncredited)
Dirk Marks
Delegate (uncredited)
Denis McKeown
Delegate from Luxembourg (uncredited)
Cliff Moylan
United Nations Security (uncredited)
Robert Myers
U.N. Delegate
Loukas Papas
United Nations VIP Defense Delegate
Gloria Parks
Protester (uncredited)
Rose Pasquale
Barfly (uncredited)
Sydney Pollack
Jay Pettigrew
Nick Poltoranin
Police Officer (uncredited)
Americo Presciutti
U.N. Security (uncredited)
Eliyas Qureshi
Indian Ambassador (uncredited)
Dawn Ressy
United Nations Delegate
Antonio Saillant
UN Official (uncredited)
Tracey Silver
Azerbaijan Delegate (uncredited)
Coley Speaks
Bystander (uncredited)
Steve Stanulis
Police Officer (uncredited)
Stella Stark
Russian Woman (uncredited)
Ronald Sylvers
Passenger on Bus (uncredited)
Chris Victor
Libyan Delegate (uncredited)
Steven Weisz
Libyan Ambassador (uncredited)
Joe Wissler
Uzbeki Delegate (uncredited)
Shane Wright
Passenger on Bus (uncredited)
Scott Yannick
U.N. Security- Advanced Team (uncredited)
Did you know?
The first feature film to use Kodak's then-new Vision2 Expression 500T 5229 film stock.
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The role of Pettigrew was offered to a number of name actors but Sydney Pollack only decided to play the role because it was impossible to get a name actor he wanted .
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The last film feature directed by Sydney Pollack.
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The bus that blows up does not travel on FUlton and Nostrand Avenues
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When Tobin tries to find what flight Silvia to taking to get back to Africa, he finds out that she is using British Airways to fly from New York to Johannesburg, however, British Airways does not fly that route.
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When Silvia and Philippe meet at the park bench for the first time, a strand of hair across the middle of Philippe's forehead appears and reappears between shots as they talk.
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Tour Guide: While there are now one hundred and ninety one nations represented, one hundred and forty more than there were in nineteen forty five, you'll only be required to learn the word "peace" in the six languages spoken on the General Assembly floor.
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Charlie Russell: [on the phone] Shit! She just got on the bus with Kuman.
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Silvia Broome: Hove Vambi... killed by land-mines. Alexander Mungoshi... Charles Kufomo... Ruth Kufomo... shot to death defending their home. Robert Chenjari... Benita Matkudzi... burned to death during a protest rally. Edgar Sakuro... Masumi Bamcha... John Enkumo... Yvon Enkumo...
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