The Man who Crossed Hitler
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The Man who Crossed Hitler

90 min
Drama | History
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Justin Hardy
Country: UK
Release Date: 2011-08-21
Filming Locations: Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK
Ed Stoppard
Hans Litten
Ian Hart
Adolf Hitler
Bill Paterson
Kurt Ohnesorge
Sarah Smart
Margot Fürst
Anton Lesser
Rudolf Olden
John Hollingworth
Max Fürst
Ruth McCabe
Irmgard Litten
Will Keen
Hans Frank
Robert O'Mahoney
Fritz Litten
Alexander Hanson
Wilhelm Bruckner (as Alex Hanson)
Terry Byrne
Jewish Diner
Chris Patrick-Simpson
Brownshirt (as Chris Simpson)
Nigel O'Neill
Court Courier
Patrick J. FitzSymons
Communist Official (as Patrick Fitzsymons)
David Ryan
Court Official
Sam Hardy
Dominic Kinnaird
Anti Fascist (uncredited)
Dean Weir
German peasant (uncredited)
Hans Litten: That man says we lack belief, that we fritter away our strength by arguing and quarrelling. Well I am full of belief. It is the arguments and the quarrels I believe in. That is what makes a society. I also believe in a law that sets out the ground-rules for those arguments, with no-one - absolutely no-one - beyond its reach. Law is the process whereby a strong man voluntarily imposes restrictions on himself, bound by a weapon that he puts into the hand of his weaker brother. It is what we call civilization. The man who has just left does not conceive the law as an instrument to protect his brother, but as a tool to destroy his enemy. He will want you to live without the law and therefore he will want you to live without ideas. Your very thoughts will make you a criminal.
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Adolf Hitler: When we first marched through Berlin in 1927, people threw flowers from their windows to greet us.
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Adolf Hitler: [to himself] "Good day to you." You too, you foul disease-ridden sewer-rat. This city's no better than Jew-riddled Vienna. It's crawling with them. Who let them breed like this? Who let them fasten onto us? It's time to clear them out - the whole stinking nest. It is a question of honor. Can you imagine men achieving the supreme task with the withered spirits these courts demand? No, you can't. You cannot! It cannot be done! That lawyer. Clever tongue. Jabber, jabber, jabber. I will take a knife... and cut it out.
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