The Rose Bowl Story
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The Rose Bowl Story

73 min
Comedy | Drama | Romance | Sport
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William Beaudine
Country: USA
Release Date: 1952-08-24
Filming Locations: Pasadena, California, USA
Marshall Thompson
Steve Davis
Vera Miles
Denny Burke
Richard Rober
Coach James Hadley
Natalie Wood
Sally Burke
Keith Larsen
Bronc Buttram
Tom Harmon
Game Announcer
Ann Doran
Mrs. Addie Burke
James Dobson
Allie Bassler
Jim Backus
Michael 'Iron Mike' Burke
Clarence Kolb
'Gramps' Burke
Barbara Woodell
Mrs. Mary Hadley
Bill Welsh
Bill Welsh
Jean Andren
Nurse (uncredited)
Lela Bliss
Miss Atkinson (uncredited)
Herbert B. Brackett
Umpire Selkirk (uncredited)
Oran Breeland
Dave (uncredited)
Paul Bryar
Assistant Coach Martin (uncredited)
William Cabanne
Joe Potts (uncredited)
Richard Carlson
Pre-credits Narrator (uncredited)
Russ Conway
Referee Jamison (uncredited)
Anne Cottingham
Member of the Queen's Court (uncredited)
Diana Dial
Member of the Queen's Court (uncredited)
Edward Earle
Dr. Thompson (uncredited)
Barbara Fisher
Member of the Queen's Court (uncredited)
William Forrest
James Otis (uncredited)
Carolyn Graves
Member of the Queen's Court (uncredited)
John Hamilton
Dr. Lansing (uncredited)
John Heric
Newsman (uncredited)
Chuck Hicks
Fowler (uncredited)
J. Anthony Hughes
Newsman (uncredited)
John L. Johnson
Head Linesman (uncredited)
Sharon Ann Kelley
Member of the Queen's Court (uncredited)
Robert Keys
Sportswriter (uncredited)
Perc Launders
Assistant Coach Amster (uncredited)
Marcia Long
Member of the Queen's Court (uncredited)
Wilbur Mack
Mr. Conway (uncredited)
James A. Myers
Field Judge Adams (uncredited)
Ray Parsons
Mr. Thomas (uncredited)
Dick Runyan
Raymond (uncredited)
Donald W. Stalwick
Nancy Thorne
Rose Bowl Queen (uncredited)
Glen Vernon
Student Manager (uncredited)
Herb Vigran
Rugger Grady (uncredited)
Hart Wayne
Dr. Prescott (uncredited)
Sally Yarnell
Nurse (uncredited)
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Gertrude Astor