The Survivors
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The Survivors

103 min
Comedy | Drama
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Michael Ritchie
Country: USA
Release Date: 1983-11-25
Filming Locations: Fairlee, Vermont, USA
Opening Weekend: $3,044,927 (USA) (26 June 1983)
Gross: $14,000,000 (USA) Related Links
Walter Matthau
Sonny Paluso
Robin Williams
Donald Quinelle
Jerry Reed
Jack Locke
James Wainwright
Wes Huntley
Kristen Vigard
Candice Paluso
Annie McEnroe
Anne Pitoniak
Bernard Barrow
TV station manager
Marian Hailey
Jack's Wife
Joseph Carberry
Detective Matt Burke
Skipp Lynch
Marilyn Cooper
Meg Mundy
Mace Lover
Yudie Bank
Accosted Old Lady
Michael P. Moran
Gun Salesman (as Michael Moran)
Norma Pratt
Armed Little Lady
John De Bello
Salesman (as John DeBello)
Del Hinkley
Wes Man #1
Morgan Upton
Cost-Conscious Survivalist
John Goodman
Regina David
Nose Biter
Francisco Prado
Illegal Alien
J.B. Waters
Indira Manjrekar
Indian Woman
Tiffany Clark
Tiffany Clark
Marc Stevens
Marc Stevens
Gary Cobbs
Jery Hewitt
William Magerman
Old man in diner (uncredited)
Dennis O'Neill
Paul Stader
Mark Robert Sutton
Did you know?
The name of the famous person that hit-man Jack Locke (Jerry Reed) claimed to have killed was Jimmy Hoffa.
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Star Billing: Walter Matthau (1st), Robin Williams (2nd) and Jerry Reed (3rd).
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The joke license plate number of Donald Quinelle (Robin Williams) car was TEETH-12.
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After Sonny starts driving the taxi,and picks Jack up as a fare, you can see what appears to be a person in the back seat of the taxi just after Sonny starts driving.
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When Robin Williams is in the hospital bed after mooning the TV, when crossing his legs to get back under the blanket you get a quick shot of his genitals. Quite disturbing!
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During the robbery, the teenagers remove their jackets just before the gunman moves to the counter and tells the old man on the till to join the others. In the next shot, when the old man joins the group, the teenagers can be seen removing their jackets again.
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Betty: Mr. Quinelle!
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Donald: You shot my gun god damn it! You're not supposed to shoot a person's gun! Oh, now that pisses me off! You know how much one of these cost?
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Jack: So you see, I'm not out there committing adultery. I'm out there committing murder.
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