To Sir, with Love II
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To Sir, with Love II

92 min
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Peter Bogdanovich
Country: USA
Release Date: 1996-04-07
Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Judy Geeson
Judy Geeson
To Sir, with Love II
Sidney Poitier
Mark Thackeray
Christian Payton
Wilsie Carrouthers
Dana Eskelson
Fernando López
Casey Lluberes
Rebecca Torrado
Michael Gilio
Frankie Davanon
L.Z. Granderson
Bernadette Speakes
(as Bernadette L. Clarke)
Jamie Kolacki
Saundra Santiago
Cheryl Lynn Bruce
Emily Taylor
Barbara Pegg
Daniel J. Travanti
Horace Weaver
John Beasley
Greg Emory
Christopher Birt
Mark Taylor
Antonia Bogdanovich
Lynn Guzman
Pauline Brailsford
Very British Woman
Dante Burress
Wilsie's Gang Pal
Delle Chatman
Florist Driver
Neil Flynn
Detective Dennis
Joe Forbrich
Rob Doerr
Jeffrey Baldwin Gibson
2nd Dignitary
Irma P. Hall
Old Woman
Mel Jackson
Tommie Rahwn (as Melton Jackson)
Doug Johnson
Bill Plummer
Joan Kohn
Helen Goldfarb
Paulette McDaniels
Kenneth Northcott
1st Dignitary
David Pease
Mr. Yallick
Juan Ramírez
Det. Alvarez (as Juan Ramirez)
Russ Reed
Old Man
Nicholas Rudall
3rd Dignitary
Juan Sanchez Jr.
Tommie's Gang Pal
Eddie Bo Smith Jr.
School Guard (as Eddie 'Bo' Smith Jr.)
Jeff Still
Sergeant Giametti
Peter Talhame
Jackie Taylor
Mrs. Carrouthers
John M. Watson Sr.
Publisher (as John Watson Sr.)
Jason Winer
Leo Radatz
Kris Wolff
Billy Lapatynski
Cedric Young
Stephanie Burton
Clarion receptionist (uncredited)
Antonio Polk
Thug (uncredited)
Rachel Schwartz
Student (uncredited)
Did you know?
The math teacher Rob Doerr makes a reference to The Blackboard Jungle. Sydney Poitier starred as a juvenile delinquent in that movie.
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Both Lulu and Judy Geeson who played major parts in the original To Sir, with Love (1967) reprised their roles in this sequel.
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Mark Thackeray: What we saw yesterday is that to a considerable extent, we control how we are perceived. "Yo!" Gets you one response, "Excuse me, sir," another. When we address someone with respect, we are more often than likely to GET respect - not always, but more often than you think, and if you're smart, that ought to be enough. Common courtesy - "please", "thank you", "excuse me"... magical words, magical words.
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student: They got their minds made up about us, Mr. Thackeray. Mark Thackeray: Then change them.
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Judy Geeson
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