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Joan Caulfield
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June 01, 1922
June 18, 1991
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Beatrice Joan Caulfield
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Some Facts
Was a staunch conservative Republican.
Department of Strange Coincidences: Caulfield's former spouse, Frank Ross, had earlier been married to Jean Arthur. On the very day after Caulfield's death, Arthur herself died.
Hailed in her time as one of the screen's great beauties, many of her cameramen said she was one of the few women in Hollywood whom it was virtually impossible to photograph badly.
She is featured as a character in the mystery novel, "Dead in Their Sights" by John Dandola, which explores her West Orange, New Jersey, roots.
Is the favorite actress of writer/director Joss Whedon. Joss frequently wears a T-shirt with her picture on it and tests people by asking them if they can correctly identify her.
Personal Quotes
I believe I'm geared to television. It moves fast, and that's what I like. There is no bickering and fighting and, most of all, no temperament. There just isn't time to put up with temperamental people in television. So it is pleasant work, although often pretty hectic.
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I guess I'm just not the film femme fatale type. I giggle too much. I have freckles and a turned-up nose and I walk like an athlete. As George Abbott once said, I look better on a tennis court than in a bedroom. Of course, I can raise a shoulder and wet my lower lip, but when I do I look like I'm imitating someone.
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[on her wholesome image] I've had that label for years and I'm thoroughly sick of it. I'm not wholesome at all. I detest homey things like cooking and bedmaking and Peter Pan collars. I like to wear slacks and play golf.
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I didn't go Hollywood on the outside with flashy cars, upstairs maids and mink covered bathroom fixtures. I went Hollywood on the inside and that's worst of all. I tried to avoid being natural. I lowered my voice. I copied the mannerisms of other stars. I struck poses. I received bad advice - from dramatic coaches, from agents, and from studio executives. I stopped being a human being. I blame myself and I blame Hollywood's star system
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Few people realize what a handicap it is to be what people call a beautiful woman. I'm glad of course that I don't look like an unmade bed, but too often I'm just taken at face value. And there aren't many men who believe a beautiful woman can have any brains.
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